Saturday, August 14, 2010

Is the Music Stealing you Away From Me?

Hi, I would like to get your feed back. If you are reading this post and you had been visiting me for quite some time, this question is for you. I had set up a music in my blog. My purpose is to entertain my visitors. Since I can not welcome you personally, I am hoping the music could give a smile in your face.

But then, some one told me that she is having difficulty reading if she is hearing a music in the back ground. The music is stealing her attention. And therefore, she could not really get the whole message of what I am saying. And so I thought, is it applicable to the majority of my visitors? Because if it does, i would rather have it removed. After all, not all web site have music. Really.

So, help me out here. Is it applicable to have a music? Or does it really steal your attention from me?

Your comment is mostly appreciated. I am going to wait for your opinion.

1 comment:

anney said...

Ako naman I don't mind kung may music ang isang site basta ang ginagawa ko e turn off yung music kasi maraming tabs ang nakabukas parati sakin e minsan nag sa sabay sabay ang tugtog kaya nakakaloka. heheheh!