Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome, Ellie The Great

In pursuit of acknowledging the recent member of my friends' list, I would like to welcome Ellie The Great.

Ellie is one of the recent members of my friends list. She is involved in a non-profit organization who focuses on helping talented children to develop their potential in the art of theatrical acting. I say it is a noble work indeed.When you have time, do visit her site.

Thank you Ellie for being one of the recent members of my friend's list. I am happy to welcome you to my small abode.  And I hope you did not mind, I took the liberty of including your picture as well.


kim said...

such a noble thing to do. i wish her the best..

chubskulit said...

I think I have visited her blog once or twice.. Kumusta ka na ate She, sowi at madALANG akong makapagbloghop these days, very busy with the kids.

Cens World said...

Hi kim...yes, i do agree. It is so noble of her to dedicate her time and effort for those who needed her assistance.

Thank you for dropping by. Really appreciate it.

Cens World said...

Hi Rose. Ay naku, eto, ganun pa din. Ako din, may mga pag kakataon na hindi ko mabisita ang mga blog ng aking online friends. Ganun talaga eh! Understandable naman. With all the pressures around us, mahirap talaga maka maintain ng continuous visit.

Hows your kids? Ay, she is so gorgeous ha :)

Thanks sa visit. Really appreciate it.

anney said...

What a warm welcome for Ellie. I've watched some of the videos posted on her blog. Such a nice deed na she helps talented kids develop their creative potential.