Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is the Measurement of a Person's Value?

Unfortunately, my computer is still having issues. But no worry, i will have a technician fix my computer asap. Anyways, the other week i went to the supermarket to buy our home supply. You know, shampoo, soap, food and many more. I went out in white t-shirt, jeans and slippers. My hair was tied in pony tail. Just the simple me. Heck, it was not really the simple me. Let us just say that I was not on my best features that day.

As I was on the cashier paying for my grocery items, the woman beside me were already impatient. Perhaps i had so many bags and she could not wait for her turn. She raised her eye brow and looked at me from head to toe. She was definitely seizing me. Well, what can i do? I stand in the line before her. I waited for my turn. Why cant she? Or at least that was whats on my mind then. And because I do not want to lose my composure, i would rather not waste my anger to petty things.

I had the same experience when I was looking for a clothing. I was also not on my best features then. When the sales lady saw me, she followed my slightest move. And when I asked the price of a particular item, she replied " That is expensive, you can not afford that".  Do you know what came to my mind? My first instinct was to ask the sales lady " How much are you earning per month?"  I was itching to continue "I do not know your fixed income, but i bet my income is times three of yours."  Well, that was the first thoughts that registered in my brain. I was thankful I was able to control my mouth. I did not say the words in my mind. Perhaps the sane thing to do was to speak to her manager. Well...

My next grocery schedule was different. The difference was that I came out enhancing the good features of me. I even wore jewelries. I dressed smartly that day. But then, the quantity of my grocery items did not change. It had the same volume. Here it goes again, the woman beside me was impatient...again! I can sense it through her unspoken language. But when she noticed i glimpse at her, she immediately smiled. No signs of retaliation. I also noticed that if i go to mall with my jewelries on,  and with my best features, sales ladies were not so bitchy.

Was it just me? Or am I right to conclude that there are some people who treats others according to how they are dressed?

Why do some people treat with awe and respect those who speaks the English language fluently? Yet, laugh at people who have crooked English?

Why do some people respect those who are well dressed? And took lightly those people who are shabby on their eyes. 

Do we really measure the value of a person according to ones physical appearance, status in life and intellect?

Must we really judge a book by its cover?

I think every one needs to be respected. Regardless of physical appearance, educational attainment, status in life or even manner of dressing, don't you think so?


kim said...

i think i can relate to that as i had the same experience. i was, i should say DISCRIMINATED, just because i was not in my best attire. just like you,i was thankful i was able to control myself which means i knew better than make a big deal out of it.. nice post!

anney said...

Ako naman na experience ko nung namili ako sa Rustan's department store at nakapila ako, nasa unahan ko e artista. Kuntodo asikaso nila ang artista na di ko na babangitin kung sino. Aba di pa pala tapos mamili at umikot ikot pa. May bibilin pa daw sya. Aba pinalayas ako nung cashier, lumipat daw ako kasi aantayin pa nila ang ibang bibilhin ni maarteng artista. Nakupo e 2 piraso lang naman yung hawak ko di man lang nila siningit. Porke ba artista sya e dapat special treatment? kakainis diba? May ganyan talagang mga tao.

Mommy Liz said...

Like what my sister Kim said, people are being discriminated because of their presentation. Here in the US, since there's no sales ladies that are waiting for every customer, we treat each one the same, jewelries or not, coz you don't know what size of wallet they have (just kidding) In the Philippines, I always feel discriminated when going to the mall, since I just wear shorts, t-shirt and pair of slippers, but I have never encountered anyone telling me that I cannot afford to get something expensive, I guess, because sometimes, I have one of my kids with me and they look foreign?? Hehehe..

Who cares if you're not on your best? it's how you feel more comfortable. Dito nga, kapag sa grocery store lang ako pupunta, naka pambahay lang ako, eh di naman ako pupunta sa party noh! ayaw ko nga mag make up tapos tutulas lang sa init, hehehe.. Miss you She..