Friday, August 20, 2010

Tips on Taking Care of our Brain

In one of my posts, I talked about how our body affects our brain. I am pretty sure we all acknowledged the importance of taking care of our brain. This said, let us talk about how we could take care of our brain.

Eat healthy foods - This means fruits and vegetables. We know that fruits are packed with nutrients needed by our body. And because 40% of our body nutrients are transported to our brain, it would be wise to give our body foods of value.

Learn to deal with stress - Stress is part of life. In fact, I said in my post entitled  "Stress" that it can actually drive us to reach our optimum performance. It can keep us alert. However, anything that is too much is bad. This is the same with stress. Too much stress is like a venom. It finds its' way to your immune system until it weakens your defenses. Eventually, it will slow you down. Hence, welcome healthy stress. However, eliminate it on the early signs of being destructive to your mind and your overall health.

Exercise - Exercise is always associated with being sexy and hunky. We live in a society with a mind set that you are cool if you have a great body.  Well, i have news for you. Vanity is not the number 1 benefit of exercise. A healthy body is the no. 1 benefit of exercise. Vanity is just an extra flavoring. If there is one thing where vanity comes as no. 1, it is Al Pacino's line in "Devil's Advocate". Do you recall his line? "Vanity is my favorite sin!" Huh!! Sure, you can take vanity as your motivator. But do not forget that the main reason why you should exercise is to have a healthy body. A sexy body is just a bonus that comes with the package. Exercise regulates the oxygen in our organs. It also regulates the blood stream in our brain. This said, exercise gives you a healthy body, a sharp mind and a trimmer waist line.

I gave you three ways to take care of your brain. There are other tips on how we could take care of our brain. 

To know more, check out the article I wrote entitled "How to take care of our Brain". It is recently published in I gave a more detailed information on my published article. So check it out and find out more.

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