Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you live in a fast paced life? I do. The only difference between then and now is that lately I had not been feeling the stress although I know that it is lurking somewhere. Sometimes I feel it is patiently waiting for me to weaken. If I weaken, stress will be there to take its pleasure to devour me.

In a dynamic and demanding life, hassles are everywhere. I was always on the emergency mode. In a way, it had become a part of life. One way or the other, I must fit in or be kicked out. Are you on the same predicament? I think almost every one is.

Stress kicks in when our life style is not anymore on a balanced state. Stress reactivates when you wrestle to meet the countless demands around you. Do you know the feeling when everything around you seems to be falling and your hand are not enough to catch each of them? Chronic stress kicks in when you fight to keep every thing in order at the expense of your health.

Do not get me wrong. Stress can be helpful. It keeps us swift and sharp. However, when it boils to a certain extent it could be destructive. If not able to handle properly, the effect could be fatal.

Stress can have destructive effect on our health. The problem with stress is that once it starts, it can not easily subside. It works its way up to your systems before it goes down. Prolong stress can ignite stroke or heart attack. Would you believe it even affects our immune system? Oh yes, it does. It triggers high blood pressure. It leads to depression and anxiety. It can affect the quality of our life.

The bad news is that stress is here to stay. It will not adjust for you. You will have to adjust so you could cope. Stress is part of life. I mention this on one of my articles. The good news is that it can be addressed. Therefore, you need not face a blank wall. There is a window and a door on that wall. However, you have to open it on your end. The flash news is that once you learn to deal with stress, it could sharpen you so you could face the challenges in this journey we call life.

So, let us talk about the ways to face this predicament named stress, shall we? And this talk will be waiting for you on your next visit.

You should have a great day, you deserve it. Always take care :)

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