Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We did talk about stress. We also talked on how it could be detrimental to our health. Stress could lead to various serious health issues that could be fatal when not properly addressed.

But then, I also did say that stress could be a good thing, too. I said stress could make us swift and alert. However, when it reaches a certain level of extent, it could be fatal. It could bring serious health issues. So, how do we determine the boiling point? When is "too much" really too much? You and only you could determine that. Are you on that thin line between your breaking point and your sanity? Do you still have some space to breathe-in ? Even your love one can not tell you when enough is really enough.

I would prefer that we do not reach the boiling point. Kill the stress on the early stage of it. We need to sit down and determine what is causing this harmful stress. In troubleshooting, we do a "trial and error" experiment. The purpose of which is to isolate the real problem. We must know what the real cause of our stress is. Once we are able to isolate and determine the root cause of the issue, then we can already address it from there. Makes sense, right?

Also, let us breathe. I have a slipped disk. About a year ago, I had recurring attacks. Thinking that it is because of the slipped disk, I went to my therapist. She said it has nothing to do with my slipped disk. She advised me to slow down. Breathe the air of life, so to speak. She further advised me to go out of my nutshell and learn to experience life. I left her clinic pissed. What kind of prescription was that?

I tried reflexology. I tried to slow down, a bit. It has good effects, actually. Bottom line, when the situation is getting too tight and you could not breathe anymore, learn to relax. Be kind to yourself. Talk to your trusted friends. [Unfortunately, i did not have the advantage because i did not have the time]. Focus on the positive side of things. The situation will not change for us. Most often than not, the situation that may be causing your stress will not change. However, your perspective could adjust. Look at the things on a different perspective and you would be able to align yourself to the situation.

The reality is, the world will not change for us. We are the one who should adjust in order to survive the situation. We must learn how to cope because the world will not fit itself according to how we want it to be. We can not have perfect husbands, perfect children, perfect job. There is no such thing. There is, however, the capability to make the most out of the positive in order to overcome the negative. Always look at the positive side of the situation. Embrace the never ending world of the word "change". In the call center industry, the sentence "The only permanent thing in life is change" is very prominent.

It is difficult to see the positive side? It happens. It happened to me. If that is the case, how about this. There are certain occasion in my past when I felt like I faced a blank wall. No matter what I decide to do, I know I would be damned. Or was. It is like damn if I do. Damn if I don't. I said to myself then, I may not win this one, but I will not go down without a fight. Fight like hell. Fight for your life. Fight for the people depending on you. Fight for your love one. Think of them. I could very well say that it is always better to lose fighting than lose doing nothing.

The question is, are you going to simply allow stress destroy the best in you...and beat you?

The picture came from genuinestressrelief.com


Cody Clark said...

Thanks. I have learned more from this short article than from any other long. I am a fitness trainer and I am always looking for these kinda resource, the motive of your blog is very Suit to me.

Cens World said...

Hi Cody.

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kat said...

Hi Sis, i ahven't read it yet the article because i am on a hurry...i have meeting at the school...i'll come back later today to read this...sounds interesting and the picture made me smile.

thanks for the visit and comment.

have a a good day.

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Cens World said...

Hi sis,

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