Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just a number of days ago, I was clamoring to create a new article. Considering this is a sample article, I am the one who will choose the topic. The dilemma when you are writing is that you are not always in the mood to come up with an idea. There are days when things are so dry that I can not come up with something...or anything. As I was mumbling with my keyboard, I came up with my article. This was already read by some client. This caused me an interview that up until now is not yet realized.

Anyways, since this is a thought of mine, let me share it with you. Here it is. I hope you like it.

Do you believe that our state of mind influences our physical health? This means that what we think influences our physical wellness as a whole. How exactly does this work?

One good example on how our state of mind affects our physical wellness is our attitude. A perfectionist can easily catch up with stress. Once you see flaws it easily gets into your nerve. Usually, stress follows afterward. The bad news is that stress shrinks some areas in our brain. This area is called hippocampus. In lay mans term, hippocampus is the key keeper of your memory. I do not mean memory as in how well you remember your name or your address. I mean memory as in your capacity to retain information. Stress can affect our brain, our heart and our blood pressure.

The bad news is that stress is part of life. The good news is that we can control stress by positive thoughts. Have you notice? We go back to state of mind. Hence, our state of mind influences our well being. Another contributory factor for a good health is our lifestyle. When you say healthy lifestyle, it means enough sleep, good diet and exercise. A person who observes a healthy lifestyle could most likely avoid illness. Whereas a person who goes for fatty foods and do not exercise could most likely get himself into some serious health issues.

The concept that wellness is influenced by our state of mind and good lifestyle started way back 19th century. However, studies shows that this concept could only work to its fullest for those people who belong to the upper level of society. This is because those who belong to the lowest class of our society do not have the proper sustenance for human beings’ basic needs. The basic needs referred to is food, shelter and medical care.

This said, can we conclude that wellness is reserved for the privileged few? If we will really be thinking about it, the studies show logic in the concept presented. However, regardless of our economic status, we should always believe. We should always believe in that fighting spirit in us. If wellness is also a state of mind, then wellness is also measure by how strong and determined we are to survive. After all, state of mind can also be our persistent pursuit to live our lives to its fullest potential. And this pursuit is applicable in health and in opportunities in life.

If it is fine with you, i did not add any pictures on this one.


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