Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tribute For A Great Man.

I know its way past fathers' day. Forgive me for being so late. This post is for my father. The man who took care of me since childhood. The man who sustained me and my siblings until we can make it on our own.

No words would be enough to thank him for his generous heart. He taught me a lot of things about life. Do you believe that parents have the verbal and non verbal way of teaching their children? I learned a lot from the non verbal lessons he taught me.  It is not simply by telling it to me verbally but by showing it to me.

My father showed me that responsibility always comes first. Responsibility is not depended on emotions, swings of moods, hindrances, challenges, or even personal welfare. As long as my feet is standing on the ground, obligation comes first. There is no room for an excuse.

My father showed me not to give up. He reached his position because of his own efforts. He was a self supporting student. He wanted to be a lawyer. Ten years of study was quite a challenge for him. To support his studies, he worked at night and studied in the morning. When he reached his law proper, every one said he should stop.

He was too thin. Just by looking at him, every one around him said he will never make it. This is especially when everybody knows that law is a difficult course. Determined and perhaps stubborn as he was, we pursued his law proper. He still worked graveyard shift. He slept two to three hours for four straight years.

In the midst of discouragement, he persists. Finally, he graduated and passed the bar in 1972. Such accomplishment  surprised every one around him. No body believed he can make it. Well, he did.

He taught me to never give up. If things seemed to be hopeless, continue standing still. If I am to lose, rather lose fighting than giving up. It is better to accept defeat that way  than to lose doing nothing.

That is my father. Who ever I am now, it is because of him.

I love you, papa :) Sorry this post is quite late. You may not be able to read this post. However, this is going to be a permanent link of my undying respect and love for you.

Your daughter, Shirley

Note: I had been trying to upload his picture but I am getting errors. I will again try scanning some of his pictures. Thank you for reading my writings, my articles and my posts.

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