Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sometimes we might shout those four letter words “HELP” when it comes to writing. While we had been taught to read and write in school. It is still a challenge to construct one article. We might even say that writing requires skills. Some people are not actually into writing that it is one task that becomes a “No, no!”. So, what happen if we are faced with the challenge of writing? I may have an answer for that. We have “Writing Help” through Isn’t it nice to have some “Writing Help” assistance? For those who can not because of lack of time or for those who do not like writing, Writing Help” can really help us accomplish that writing tasks with no sweat at all.

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It is new year and for many, this is the time to list our new year’s resolution. This is to improve ourselves and face the year with less baggage’s . Much more, less of those unwanted traits so we could be a better person. I say that one of these baggage is procrastination. Do you know that procrastination is synonymous to sloth? In some religion, this is one of the deadly sins. It takes us away from the main event. It slows us down to the point that progress became a great distance from where we are at on this moment.

There are different signs of procrastination. One of recent visited sites can actually guide us through this signs so we could do our share on keeping our distance from procrastination. There are a lot of signage’s given by Arena. Some you might be surprised. Along the way, Arenas’ Self Help will also lead us to fight away that deadly sloth and finally beat the procrastination once and for all.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


oDesk Certified oDesk Professional

After years of not being able to work on my Odesk due recurring computer issues, i tried my luck again. This time with the intention of really working on getting jobs online through writing. However, there is one task that i have to go back with, which is passing the ODesk Professional Test. I suppose one could say that is the ultimate test because without passing this examination, one could be really say that i am really ODesk ready. I was not confident i will pass it but then, no guts, no glory, right? To pass the test, one should have the perfect score. Of course, there is the retake and every thing. However, it would be nice to have it on Take 1. Wheeww....I Passed It. How nice it felt. How nice it really felt.

Again, Happy Holidays every one and take care.


My son would be graduating come March, 2010. Recently, they had loads of research works. Not to mention coping with their thesis. I even recalled once when he asked if I know of a good site to check out the resources and ideas about interesting topics as well.

Research is tedious and in some cases, even complicated. If one does not have the proper tools and resources, it is difficult to come up with an interesting research paper topics. This is why we have online assistance that gives us these interesting research paper topics. will ensure that you will be provided with the most interesting research paper topics at its par. The site exhausts its materials and service parameter to give you the best possible outcome you could ever get in a research paper.

Just imagine this! if your child or even you, does not have the time and the resources to go out of your way to complete a research task, where would you go? Wouldn’t it be nice to have help from the professionals?

Do take care every one and Happy Holidays!

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I would like to greet every one


enjoy your holiday !!!!!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


We fear for the unknown. I suppose everybody does. The realm of uncertainty leaves that lingering fear inside most of us. It is as if we would be caught in that dark pit where we would be vulnerable to any possibilities. The worst would be the inability to directly control those probabilities. This makes risking very scary. This could also be the reason why most of us dislike taking risks. Sure, we can hide ourselves in a situation where we do not need to risk. However, much as we love that safe zone, it will surely leave a lingering self doubt as well. We could have tried and succeeded but we opted to be play it safe. In the bigger picture, is this safe zone or is playing safe really worth it?

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p site could give you a lot of information about risking. It could also lead you on what you can do to overcome the down side of risking. In fact, I would like to personally take note of the advices given in Arinas' Self Help. I know it would prove to be very beneficial for me in the face of risking. I strongly agree on the concept of calculating risk. This minimizes the possibility of losing. It builds a stronger foundation to make sure that our journey would lead us to one road. That is the road going to successful risking. Back up plan is also a smart move. That is the second option of the article - Have a Plan B. Plan B seals the buffer in cases of unseen predicaments. Plan B will serve as our fall back. There are a lot of information awaiting for you that could surely guide us.

Arinas' "Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks and What To Do About it" would enlighten us about risking and would ensure us to that path of successful risking. Do check it out and you will definitely agree with me.

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