Wednesday, December 16, 2009


There are situations in our life when we face the unknown but inevitable. Sometimes, turning points can catch that cold shiver in the corners of our minds because the uncertain possibilities lies before us. Possibilities that may go beyond the realm of our grasp and therefore, way beyond our control. When the waves of uncertainties in life lies before us, what do we do? Do we tremble? Do we give in? Or do we face this uncertainty and fight like hell?

My team lead, Senior Team Lead Emil, stated once that we should learn to accept the things that we can not change. It is actually a word of wisdom that i can not really recall exactly. It boils down to one detail though, teaches us to cope and eventually, survive.

But then, fear follows uncertainties. Am i correct? Are we not afraid of the unknown? Then i suppose we will be needing the strength and be courageous, right? How ever, what does it take to be courageous? Is it the absence of fear really?

When i was on my teens, i loved Tae Kwon Do. Being outnumbered by men, i felt then that courage is when i face the challenge of sparing. Or facing the challenge of competition with my heart racing and thumping like a drum. But then, as i grew older, i realized that courage is more than facing the practice of hand to hand combat. When your very life is at stake, when the people depending on you is at stake, when one feels like you are falling into an unendless pit and things are not in your control, when ones knees quiver but you stand nontheless. When we feel that real fear inside but we hold on to that tiniest hope and courage inside us to face the challenges ahead, that is what i call courage. Because if that is not, then what is?

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