Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Christmas is already around the corner. One can already feel it in the air. In my country, we have our simbang gabi or Misa De Galyo as the traditional beginning of Christmas. This is when people attend the early morning mass for nine consecutive days starting December 16. The mass is celebrated as early as 4:00am or 5:00am. I am not really a follower of Misa De Galyo. In fact, i had not recalled being able to complete the nine consecutive days of simbang gabi. I can count in my fingers the number of days i attended this event. I do know though that every one is definitely excited and most anticipates simbang gabi. After the mass, people would be buying puto bungbong. Wow, that is one awaited food after Misa De Galyo.

Misa De Galyo actually began way back from Mexico in 1587. In the Philippines, this tradition had been started by the Spanish friars in order to make way for the natives to attend the early morning mass. Church bells usually rings before the mass to awaken its parishioners and remind them that the mass would be starting at 4:00am or 5:00am, which ever was the schedule of the mass. Misa De Galyo is a Spanish word which also means “Mass of the rooster”.

I could imagine the excitement and the spark of thrill from those who anticipated this event. Specially those young ones. They walked in the streets in awe with those Christmas lights and Christmas decorations on every house they passed. The feel of that coldness in the air as if saying "Christmas is just a breath away..very soon indeed".

I had not been visiting the church for years now actually. Apparently, that would also say i did not really attended Misa De Galyo. However, for those who did, my warm way of saying that i hope you would feel that air of Christmas and feel the joy it brings within your hearts. They say Christmas is the spirit of giving. May you feel that gratification of giving.. not necessarily on the material level. Perhaps that wonderful smile. A simple gesture of kindness for every one would really make the spirit of sharing stronger this Christmas time.

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