Thursday, December 24, 2009


We fear for the unknown. I suppose everybody does. The realm of uncertainty leaves that lingering fear inside most of us. It is as if we would be caught in that dark pit where we would be vulnerable to any possibilities. The worst would be the inability to directly control those probabilities. This makes risking very scary. This could also be the reason why most of us dislike taking risks. Sure, we can hide ourselves in a situation where we do not need to risk. However, much as we love that safe zone, it will surely leave a lingering self doubt as well. We could have tried and succeeded but we opted to be play it safe. In the bigger picture, is this safe zone or is playing safe really worth it?

Arinas' Self Hel
p site could give you a lot of information about risking. It could also lead you on what you can do to overcome the down side of risking. In fact, I would like to personally take note of the advices given in Arinas' Self Help. I know it would prove to be very beneficial for me in the face of risking. I strongly agree on the concept of calculating risk. This minimizes the possibility of losing. It builds a stronger foundation to make sure that our journey would lead us to one road. That is the road going to successful risking. Back up plan is also a smart move. That is the second option of the article - Have a Plan B. Plan B seals the buffer in cases of unseen predicaments. Plan B will serve as our fall back. There are a lot of information awaiting for you that could surely guide us.

Arinas' "Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks and What To Do About it" would enlighten us about risking and would ensure us to that path of successful risking. Do check it out and you will definitely agree with me.

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