Friday, December 18, 2009


I wrote on one occasion about how Mt. Mayon had been powering up again. With the holiday season coming, i can not help but to be saddened by the possible predicament that Bicolanos might be facing. I first heard it at work. I recalled one co-worker noting the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon. After that day, i saw it in the morning news. Seemed that the Mt. Mayon had been releasing brown to dark gray ashes from the sky. On top of this, minor eruption had occured. It is good that the people within the reach of the volcano had been evacuated to a safe place. As per Philstar news, 3,422 residents had been forcibly evacuated. The residents evacuated were from Buhian, Bonot, Magapo, Oson and Buan. All barangays under Tabacco City. Whats alarming is that the volcano activities is actually intensifying. Philvocs had the Mt. Mayon alert to level 4 to the latest.

I hope that things would get better the next days to come, specially with the Christmas season fast approaching.

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