Sunday, December 20, 2009


The recent article i wrote had been already approved and published. I entitled it "Handling Money". My readers, I would like to share it with you as well.

Some say money makes the world go round. Others say money is the root of all evil.! Love it. Hate it. Can not live with out it. In a concrete jungle, can any one really survive without money? If you are renting your house, you need to pay your rent monthly. If you own the house, well good for you. However, we are not saved from those monthly expenses even if we own our domicile. We have to pay our bills. Name it, electricity, television cable, here in the Philippines, we pay our water consumption, and our childrens' education.

I could go on and on with those expenses and bills we must meet on a monthly basis. On top of these, we also must buy our food in order to eat. Can we eat without buying our food? Not unless we have that spacious back yard to plant our next cook, of course. Do you realize how money surrounds us? How it affects us? I am sure you do.

In my article, i did say we work so hard to earn that money, but then, do we work as hard to keep them? It is already a challenge to earn money. I am sure it is equally challenging to keep them. How do we really handle those hard earned money? If and when you have time, visit this article and find out more.

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