Sunday, March 28, 2010


One of the writing assignments I had was women cane with medical condition. While I was writing my piece I remembered the little accident I had last December. I fell from ten stairs high. I actually ended up in Orthopedic Hospital after that. Worst was that I was not able to walk for two weeks. I had to use a cane to walk.

The disadvantage of writing is that when you are given a subject that you have no idea whatsoever. You have to research further. Sometimes I ask question to people whom I know knows about the subject matter.

The advantage of writing is that you learn more. There is a new information as you go from one subject to another. I learned a lot while I was writing about womens' cane. I learned that you have to grip the cane on the right side if your injury is on the left side. On the other hand, you have to grip the cane on the left side if your injury is on the right side. That was my mistake. My injury was on the left but I held my cane on the left as well. Maybe there were occasions when I held it on the other side. Considering I did not know, I was not mindful if I was groping the cane on the left or the right. I cannot help but to think that had I knew it earlier, I would have knew what to do.

Most of the time, information is very important. Sure we use common sense. However, knowledge and information can really come in handy. This is specially on occasions when we will need it the most. What do you know? We can never really know when we will be needing it the most.

Accept my apologies. I am not able to post an entry lately. I had been loaded with writing task.

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Have a great week end, every one.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is the last stage of the examination with O'Desk. The ODesk readiness examination. This is the main examination in O'Desk. The passing score is 100%. This means it has to be a perfect score in order to pass the test. I would be to pass it on the first try, right?

My son took the readiness examination today and he passed on his first try. That is good actually. It makes me gleeful for him. This is my sons certification.

oDesk Certified oDesk Professional

Cheers to my only child and with my wish that he will be successful.

Have a good day,every one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My son took another examination from ODesk after he passed the proficiency English test. He tool the second examination. He chose phone etiquette this time. He passed. I am embedding his certification on this post.

oDesk Certified Telephone Etiquette Expert

Keep it up, son. Inay is proud of you

Saturday, March 20, 2010


My son had his first examination with ODesk. He passed. I am embedding his certification on this post.

oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert

He is starting with ODesk work. He is also vying to work online on his free time. It is actually not a bad idea. He is learning more as he is earning as well.

Good luck son. I will always be there to back you up,

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dneero have a new homepage. It is awesome. The color is very cool too. I liked it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A young lady walked in your front. For some reason, you are mystified. Your eyes followed her way. Suddenly a glimpse is not enough. A magnetic embrace pulls you to that being. Her hair, the way she walks, her stature seemed to have stopped the clock for you. What magic can bring about such fleeting elation? There is one answer to that. Beauty.

A professor once asked to the class. How do you define beauty? The response came in variety. Some say beauty is charm. Some stated that a great shape of a womans’ body is beauty. A lovely face is beautiful. A nice hair perhaps. In the midst of various opinions, one student pointed out a different theory. The student further says that beauty is the enhancement of ones senses. It is when one feels that sweet realm of ones senses. It boils down to one concept. When we shut our sense of sight and think of beauty. There is that tingle of good feeling within.

Hence, if to analyze in alignment on this concept. It is not really conclusive that beauty can be measured simply by what our eyes see. In fact, it goes deeper than what our sense of sight could grasp and appreciate. We could put this into an experiment. Let us close our eyes and think of one person we know. Then let us ask ourselves. What do we feel when we think of this person? Is it positive? Is it longing? It is happiness? Is it beautiful? or is it otherwise? If we feel overwhelmed with good emotions with the touch of this persons memoir, then this person is beautiful. However, if we felt hurt, pain, tormented ego, a wound that could not be healed by time, can you say this person is really beautiful? If this person is really beautiful and beauty is when we feel that positive elation in our senses, then why do you feel otherwise?

Is it not possible that beauty is not necessarily what our eyes see but what is inside each of us? Our character. Our attitude towards another human being. Isnt that the true measure of beauty? The beauty within. The timeless beauty.

This is inspired by one of the writings I posted in my blog last year. I am proud of that writing of mine because it captured the interest of one of the blogger directories. I was so flattered when I read the post that was made on the directories site acknowledging what I had written.

I posted this with the intention of making this post as a sample of my writings as well.

Hope you like it.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When I entered my work place, I saw people dressed in purple. Wheww...I forgot, we are dressed down today and we are supposed to wear the color of purple. Must be wondering why? It is the day for women. Today is the International Day For Women.

They say women are the weaker sex. Do you believe that? Well, lots of people tell me that. Well, if we will be talking about who is physically stronger then one can say it is the male species. However, how can one really define strength? Can one say that strength lies in the context of physical prowess alone?

You see, I was pretty much active in Tae Kwon Do during younger years. I even recalled the first question addressed to me when I entered the Martial Arts gym. The instructor asked " Are you sure this is the place you would like to be? I think you belong to aerobics, not in Tae Kwon Do.
No worries, I did not really took that seriously then. In fact, remembering it now, it made me smile to myself. And oh yes, during my first sparring, one of my companion told me, "it is fine to lose, in case you will lose. Anyway, you are a woman". Again, no offense taken. Let us sway away from memory lane a little bit. The reason why I reminisce those days was because it gave me my basics when it comes to strength. Not physical strength alone. Something from within. When I was watching the tournament, I thought the fear and the pain of losing the fight measures a persons courage. Of course, not to mention the possible physical injury one might encounter during the tournament. For me then, that is the definition of courage.

However, when I became separated, a new definition of the word came to me. Courage and strength is when your future is uncertain but you go on nonetheless. It is when it felt like you are falling in the abyss of bottomless pit. Worst is knowing no one will catch as you fall but you go on anyway. Courage is when you know some one is depending on you and you have to go on. Courage and strength is when you have to keep your self and your sanity intact to struggle for survival. Strength is when your knees tremble but you stand still nonetheless. What lies tomorrow for my son and myself? I did not know then. Die if thats what really lies for me and the child in my hands, but I will die fighting. Is that not a definition of inner strength? If that is not, then what is? What is the context of inner strength really?

How many women raised their children alone? How many women compete in the front lines outside the comforts of her home and kept her family intact at the same time? How many women faced the challenge of maintaining and keeping their family? How many women were battered by the person they so trusted the most? Which do you belong?

From a young woman who still aspires for more in life to a woman who is already wounded in lifes challenges but kept on going, this is your day. This is your month. A woman is stronger than most people think we are.

A happy womens day for all of us.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010


There is one place in my homeland where one can actually find lots of jewellery. Once you are in this vicinity, you can transfer from one store to another and all you will find are jewelleries. You can take a pick. You can pick from watches to earring to bracelet to necklace. One day I actually roamed around. I noticed that most of these jewelleries looked almost the same. They have the same make as well. I came home empty handed. I wished there is a jewellery that would look personalized. A jewellery that is just me. It would be nice to wear a jewellery knowing no one looks exactly like the one I am wearing. Or a jewellery that spells elegance and uniqueness on its own. Perhaps a jewellery that possess individuality that projects the personality of its owner. Is there anything like that?

Well, tell you what! I found those qualities through the gift I received from a relative. The first time my eyes lies on the earring that was given as a gift, I had been mesmerized. I just have to find out where it was bought. I had been persistent in asking. Why? Because when my eyes lies on those jewelleries, I knew for an instant I found those traits that are appealing in jewelleries. I am sure as well it is not just me who are pulled to these lovelies. I know that any ladies would be more than glad to own any of these items. You must be wondering where my persistence took me. I actually checked out those fascinating jewellery. This jewelleries came from Links Of London . Aghast and mesmerized, I dug deeper into websites. Once a site interests me, I navigate. And so I navigate. Do you know that Links From London actually started from a mere fish cufflinks. It had been a form of advertisement to the loyal customers of a local restaurant. Hence, from a cufflinks comes a variety of splendour. Such splendour in the form of jewelleries. It actually went a long way. Links From London climbed the ladder of success as it was branded as the Best Jewellery Brand way back 2007. Do you want to check out more? By all means, links Of London Jewellery . I am sure you will agree with me.

With Links London, you can actually check with a lot of variety. Hence, it is not limited on earrings or bracelets. You can actually check out charms, necklaces, rings, friendship, watches and accessories. Yes, even accessories. All designed with such uniqueness and elegance that would surely be you. Something priceless to possess. And hear this out, links London sale. Yes, you can actually own one magnificent jewelleries on an affordable cost. Its fashion comes in timeless style. Once you wear it, it seemed to project a womans’ charismatic feminism without being over shadowed by the jewelleries beauty and elegance. It is as if the jewellery was made exclusively for you. With its magnetic elegance, you will surely stand out. Now, would that not worth our hard earned money? Well, having the price accessible to reach affordability, it would be worth it. Not to mention that it is a hundred percent authentic. So, it is authenticity and affordability in one. It would be like shooting two birds in one stone. Oh wait, it is more than that actually. It is affordability, authenticity and elegance. Is that not good enough? Because if it is not, what would be?

When buying online, one can actually check the status of the order. You will be given a tracking number. That way, you can actually determine the location of your order. Is it still in transit? How many more days would you have to wait? One does not have to wonder around with no answer at hand. Grab your tracking number and check the status of your order on the sites given by links London. It actually ranges to different countries so it would be easier to access. You can check out the site through payment page. Full information is given to assist buyers and customers. More so, if one would have any query. Any question in mind. That would be from simple queries to quite complicated concerns, links London is very much reachable. How it that? Well there are variety of ways. One can reach them through electronic mail. Another option would be to reach them through chat. Reaching them through chat is more personalized. Well, at least that is what I think. Do you know why? It is personalized because it is as if one will be talking to their customer service in person. One can have the answer to the query en pronto. Hence, if it is really an immediate concern, live support would be the most applicable way to reach links London. Good thing is that they are open 24/7. Hence, anytime you want, you can chat them online. Is that so nice or what?

So, for timeless moment, perhaps for anniversary, gifts or any that would fit ones need, links of London will really work. That I know.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was checking the available works online. I had been navigating for an hour now. However, seemed that I could not find any that interests me. Sure there are some. But then, it would be in conflict with my shift at work. Well, one work actually caught my attention. I think it was promising. I could write and schedule is feasible. But then, when I am about to submit a sample of my work, urrgghhh. I could not think of any subject for my article. There is only one thing I could say to my self now "Oh my gulay".

Is it because I came from work? Maybe I am tired? Maybe my mind is already tired? You know, analyzing for eight hours then writing afterward. Hhmmm...But then, maybe not. You see, my mind still wonders!

For me, the greatest challenge would be if I will be the one to come up with the topic. There are a lot of topic out there. We have Adsense, health, womens' rights,/womens empowerment, politics, computer troubleshooting, what else? Despite these topic at hand, I can not come up with a subject that I could present as a sample of my article. Of course, starting would be the next thing in mind. However, for me, it is not as challenging as choosing my subject. To begin an article might be challenging at first but once you already grab that line, the rest would be easy. Words will surely come out free flowing after that.

However, as my fingers tap the keyboard, as I find that path, I got lost in the horizon. I can not find the zone.

Hayss..writing is as sweet as it can make you crazy, isnt it? What do you think?

I will go back this way again. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after. I will find that path again. Hopefully, by then, I can already come up with a theme. A good subject to write. So that by then, I could already send the support for the new writing task I so aspired to have.

But till then, have a good and restful evening , every one!

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