Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was checking the available works online. I had been navigating for an hour now. However, seemed that I could not find any that interests me. Sure there are some. But then, it would be in conflict with my shift at work. Well, one work actually caught my attention. I think it was promising. I could write and schedule is feasible. But then, when I am about to submit a sample of my work, urrgghhh. I could not think of any subject for my article. There is only one thing I could say to my self now "Oh my gulay".

Is it because I came from work? Maybe I am tired? Maybe my mind is already tired? You know, analyzing for eight hours then writing afterward. Hhmmm...But then, maybe not. You see, my mind still wonders!

For me, the greatest challenge would be if I will be the one to come up with the topic. There are a lot of topic out there. We have Adsense, health, womens' rights,/womens empowerment, politics, computer troubleshooting, what else? Despite these topic at hand, I can not come up with a subject that I could present as a sample of my article. Of course, starting would be the next thing in mind. However, for me, it is not as challenging as choosing my subject. To begin an article might be challenging at first but once you already grab that line, the rest would be easy. Words will surely come out free flowing after that.

However, as my fingers tap the keyboard, as I find that path, I got lost in the horizon. I can not find the zone.

Hayss..writing is as sweet as it can make you crazy, isnt it? What do you think?

I will go back this way again. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after. I will find that path again. Hopefully, by then, I can already come up with a theme. A good subject to write. So that by then, I could already send the support for the new writing task I so aspired to have.

But till then, have a good and restful evening , every one!

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kimmy said...

the sad truth about writing is that.. you can't force it out, you have to let it flow on its own volition, otherwise, you will end up with an unsatisfactory piece or.. nothing at all.

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