Saturday, February 27, 2010


A lot of people is amazed with branded products. In fact, there are people who would not settle for anything else when it comes to branded products. It may be in the form of clothes, jewelleries, accessories or even bags. I could remember my brother who will not wear anything else unless it is branded. He would really spout if my mom would not buy him a branded shirt. Even his slipper is branded. Hence, he was tagged once as a high maintenance child. Among the siblings, the others could wear clothes that are not branded. Of course that is except my little brother who always say that if it is branded, it is always a quality product. More than that, durable as well.

I have to admit that when I started buying branded slippers for my son, it really lasts longer that I had expected. Personally, I have to admit branded products are cool. In shirts, fabrics are different. Branded bags are lighter to use as well. It was as if I am not carrying anything at all. With that, the weight I would be carrying would be the weight of the content of my bag. I do not have to worry about carrying the weight of my bag and its contents as well. For a person who have slipped disk issues in the neck, it would be a relief. With my previous bags, it was as if I am carrying the world itself. When I reached my point of destination, I felt I just carried a huge weight on my shoulder. Believe me, it really aches. It stressed out my muscles.
One of the every day challenges I had. When I tried buying a branded bag, I instantly felt the difference. It is a real big difference for me. So even though it was expensive, it was worth it. It felt good. It felt different. The texture of the bag is softer and it is light to carry. Very nice indeed. Think about this, if the ones that are really expensive worth every penny once we started using the product, how much more would it be for the products who have the exact quality but at a lower cost? I think it is more than worth it. Wouldn't you say so as well? Because If that is not so, then I would not know what is.

My co-worker had been doing her shopping online. She is paying through her pay pal account. At first I thought shopping online will not work for me. For one, I can not see in person what I will be getting. Once she challenged me to try it just once and see how it will go for me. She said, hey! what would you lose? Well, she did convinced me. One of her recommended purchases as LV handbags. It was her recommendation because she knew I had been having issues with my bags. With my slipped disk and all, a lighter bag would really make some difference. That was what she said. Seemed to me the Cheap Louis Vuitto
n would really work for me. It would be nice to have the quality I want at a lower cost as compared to buying elsewhere. Not to mention that on top of the quality product, I would be getting a lighter bag. Now, that is a big advantage for me. It is not just light, i looked classy as well. It would be like having everything I need and want in one bundle.

I navigated through the site and realized that when I ordered,I do not have to guess in case I got worried about the shipping. Louis Vuitton gave an option where I could actually trace my order. On top of that, I have the option to return or exchange in case something went wrong. I have the leniency of coping with the return policy as well. This is because I have a lengthy thirty days to do it. For me, that would be a considerable amount of time just in case it would come in timely with a hectic schedule. Anyways, I could always contact the site where I got the product. I can actually go online, mail that is. I can also go through their chat support. I think chat support would work for immediate concerns or questions. Chat - support is actually quite cool considering it would be like talking to the person face to face. I would have the answer to my concern or question immediately. However, I think chat - support would come in handy for immediate concerns. If it is not too immediate, mail support would also do. And hey, they posted their physical address as well. For me, that is one way of saying "Hey, I am in this location in this part of the world". For me, that is a form of a guarantee and that sense of security in me.

So, would you say this is just for personal stuff? The answer is no. I think this will work for my mothers wants and needs as well. I can chose from a variety of products as well. And here is one thing, I am a person who is always challenged with time. I am always in a hurry. Every second counts for me. Because of that, it took months for me to schedule a time to really buy my wants. Sometimes even my needs. While ordering Louis Vuitton, I feel I do not have to reserve a schedule just to purchase them. I can do it in the comforts of my own place. I can do in the comforts of my computer. I have various options of paying as well. It would be effortless for me. It is that simple actually. Shopping can not be easier than that.

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kimmy said...

i simply wish i could afford an LV, hehe..