Saturday, February 27, 2010


As I stepped out of the building, my eyes marvel at the sky. The afternoon sun gave me that warm feeling. It was as if its arms surrounds me with its welcoming embrace. I am mystified with the afternoon sun against my bare skin. I did not realize how I missed day time so much. As I walked towards the alley, I sucked every air I could muster. It is day time and I am still awake. It fascinates me to see people, lots of people coming and going. Before I entered the call center industry, this is just one of those regular days. But now, I found day time magical. It gives that shrill anticipation. It sets my feet into a whimsical marvel.

You see, it has been a week since I am transferred to morning shift. For years I lived in the night. Morning for me had been different. My house companion are all in bed sound asleep but my day was just starting. My day starts when the sky was totally dark and the only light that guides my path are the street lamps. As the artificial lights greets the overwhelming darkness, my day begins. My day ends when every one seemed fully rejuvenated for the good nights sleep and ready to face the morning sky. That would be the time when I embrace the darkness in my room. that would be the time to do my writing tasks. I have to keep it dim, you see! If and when I open my window, sun rays will enter my room. As soon as the rays of the sun entered my humble turf, the greater would be the challenge to get some sleep.

And so, for weeks now, I lived during day time. It is marvelous. Something I thought to be magical and I hope, really hope that in time I will live like this up to the last breathe of this humble life.

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Cecile said...

my husband used to work morning shift, then about eight months now, he is working night shift... and am glad he's getting use to it....he used to complain that he thinks h won't be able to adjust...but he did and he likes it more than day shift...

thanks for the visit, Cen/She :-)

Cens World said...
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Cens World said...

Hello Cecille.

People have different preferences. Some prefer to be awake and work at night. There are morning and there are those who are more comfortable moving at night.

I had been working night shift for three (3) years. Not easy but I coped and survived. Including the messed up body clock and all. If still needed to be, I can still work at night. However, If the question would be "what do my body clock prefer?" I prefer morning life.

Thanks for the visit.