Friday, February 26, 2010


I have to admit I am not that sure but I believe celebration of Edsa Revolution comes on the 25th of February. However, considering date of holidays are now being moved to Mondays or Fridays, it was celebrated last Monday. Maybe my world had been surrounded by work that I did not really feel any celebration in the air about Edsa Revolution. It is highly probable that there had been programs and ceremonies commemorating this event. Perhaps a speech every now and then about the memoir of Edsa Revolution. That is specially when Election Day is fast approaching. I do not know about you but for me, this is not about the program. It is not even the ceremonial speech. I think it is the spirit that should live within us regardless of whether it is February 25 or not. Not to sound nationalistic or anything like that. I think almost every thing boils down to one concept. Respect others. Do not do to others what we do not want to experience ourselves. Simple as it may, if we will really think about it. It covers almost every thing. If politicians will follow the concept, they will think a hundred times before committing under the table transactions. They will think of their constituents and it would be difficult to look at them in the eyes if they know they did something inappropriate. From the smallest situations to the biggest scenarios, from an ordinary citizen to the person who occupies the highest seat in the land. If consideration and respect is there, it would be a better place to live in. But then, if we will really think about it. That scenario is a life in an ideal world. Unfortunately , idealism is different from the what is happening in the real world.

Take care every one. I hope I did not ruin your day.

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