Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Anywhere we go, there is one thing that a woman can not go without. Would you know what that is? That would be my daily companion. That is where I entrust my wallet, my ladies purse, my make up kit and others. This companion of mine takes responsibility on keeping my things intact where ever I go. That goes from small accessories to gadgetry to notes. That is actually my bag. Can one go out to groceries without your bag? Can one go to the office without our bag? I do not think so. For me, my bag is like my daily keeper.

I used to say we should spend thrift. Hence, I buy my things on where it is the cheapest. Hey, nothing is wrong with that, right? However, a very cheap bag would serve me for months only. If I got so unlucky, it would serve me for a number of weeks. After that, I could not use it no more. I have to buy another one. I realized I am not really thrift spending. If I calculate the number of bags I bought for half the year, it would have been better to buy the expensive one. On top of that, the cheap bag is heavier. Hence, it was very difficult for me to carry. Considering I have a slipped disk, this is not good. My doctor advised me not to carry anything heavy anymore. However, there are days when I have to carry a lot of stuff. Hence, a heavy bag got heavier with lots of stuff in it. I mean, pulling the weight of the things we carry is enough. Adding weight from the bag where we put our stuff is not very helpful. Specially for those who already have physical injuries, like me. Hence, not good, right?

Until one day, I tried buying a branded bag. It was just a trial for me at first. But then, I actually liked it. The bag may look heavy to carry but when I actually carry it in my shoulder, It was as if I am not carrying anything. It was so soft that I could not feel any pressure on its weight. I loved it that after that, I decided a branded bag actually worth it. On top of that, it looked so regal it reflected how I looked when I walked in the street. When you are working hard, getting the value of your moneys worth means a lot. Dont you agree so?

Once, I tried Louis Vuitton. I liked it that I checked on buying online. I checked out Remember how I loved cheaper prices? Well, with louis vuitton bags, I can get the quality brand on a lower price. This is because louis vuitton bags are on discounted prices. Hence, I am getting the pleasures of owning the original brand at a discounted amount. If that is not getting your moneys worth, I do not know what it. The bags are just marvellous. It suits ones attire and ones lifestyle. You can go from classic to regal to elegant designs. You can choose from different variety of colors as well. caters from dark to light shades of colors. Any fine lady can choose from a variety of clutches to pouches to shoulder bags to toles to briefcase. Now, if you think we are talking of bags alone, think again. With bag comes belts, watches and accessories as well. Also, If you think this is limited to women, think again. There are items of Louis Vuitton for men as well. For men, there ranges from belts, cool wrist watches, shoes and slippers as well. I love those watches. In fact, I would love to get one for my son. When I saw those unbelievable watches, I can not help but to think of Vincent. It would be nice to buy one for my unico hijo. I really magnified with punchy sneaker boot in grained calf leather. It is so cool. This is like shopping online to the max. Name what you need, surely have it.

This would be the perfect time to know more and navigate the site. It will tell you a lot about louis vuitton bags and louis vuitton handbags. If you want quality and branded products on its affordable prices, then louis vuitton bags is for you. This is where you could shop till you drop. However, without the hassles of carrying those load of shopping bags. On top of that, it is shopping with out the aching leg when you got home. You just indulge your eyes with its products online and take your pick. All you have to do is to order and relax. Your order will be delivered right to your door step. No hassles. No physical exertion. Also, you can track your order through the tracking number that will be provided for you. If and when you have any query in mind, just check your order online and you will surely be given an update in no time. Hence, no dialling and waiting on queue. Once you received the order and determine that the product does not fit, you also have the option to return the merchandise. In fact, there is an option to exchange or return once you feel the product proved to be bigger or smaller. Examples of these items are the shoes and belts. You have the leniency of thirty (30) days to return or exchange the product. In my book, that is convenience and security bundled in one.

Could this get any better than this?


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