Monday, February 15, 2010


I woke up the other morning with unbelievable light feeling. Maybe because I was able to get a fairly enough sleep. Or perhaps because I had a dream. In my life style, not being able to sleep and all, getting a dream is a challenge. The first part of my morning were light that day. It was as if I could grasp the world without any boundaries. There are no worries. It took me back to the years when I used to visit my cousin in their home. You see, their house is not really much. However, humble as it may, I felt I could live one day at a time on that house. It took me to a world where I do not have to worry about the future. But then, as the day progresses, I realized that the core to this emotion is contentedness. Is it due to simple living? Maybe. I do not really know. I do know of this though ---

When one feels contented and at peace today

  • The worries of tomorrow vanishes.
  • The imperfection of life becomes tolerable.
  • One can be serious from the outside but there is a song humming from within.
  • One can be happy....from within.

Heck, maybe it was the eight hours sleep. :)

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Have a great day every one and always take care.

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