Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Just dropping by to say -

Happy New Year

and have a prosperous 2015  !!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Side of the Greeting "Merry Christmas"

Are you open minded on the different theories about the greeting "Merry Christmas?"

Christmas is the best season of the year. It is the time for Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas lights, gift giving, greetings, bright lights, smiles everywhere and the undeniable joyous air around us. And so, everyone will exchange that warm and gleeful greeting "Merry Christmas!" Honestly, I am one of those who spread the greeting. 

For most of us,  Merry Christmas means the celebration of the birth of Christ. However, there is a different theory of this meaning. If you will look at the meaning of the word merry, it simply means cheerfulness, liveliness and festivity. The meaning is as innocent as that. The word Christ-mas, however, is quite different. Christ is pertaining to the celebrant, which is Jesus Christ. Mass is the highlight of the Catholic ceremony, which is the raising of the Eucharist, the celebration of the death of Christ

With this in mind, Merry Christmas means a festivity due to the death of Christ. Further, it has been considered a mockery of Santa Claus to be saying "Ho Ho ho, Merry Christmas". Just imagine the irony of someone saying "Ho Ho Ho, Happy death of the Christ!" Imagine people singing and dancing while saying "Happy death of the Christ!". Ironically, it is the Christians who usually use this greeting. As it is one side of the theory, one cannot help to ask if this is known to the Catholic priest. Honestly, being a Catholic myself, I would not know. 

I can only guess that if there is a veracity to this theory, and if known by the Catholic priests, I suppose the greeting "Merry Christmas" meant that it is merry because the death of Christ is the redemption of humanity from our sins. However, I cannot help but to ask, this is not the Lenten season we are celebrating, it is the birth of Christ, right?

However you react to this theory, one thing is certain. As far as I am concerned, the celebration of the birth of Christ is not about when or how we celebrate it, it is how we perceive the spirit of opening ourselves to another human being. It is not the value or the price of the gift, but the smile in the eyes and the emotion that comes from the person receiving the gift that matters. 

Happy Holidays every one!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Gift I Received

It's not Christmas yet, but my mom already have a gift for me. Thank you mama, love it. Love you and Merry Christmas to you.

Happy Holidays in advance, everyone!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Mockery of Politics

A knock caught my attention, but it was my son who opened the gate. Someone asked if we would like to sign our name so we could receive a Christmas gift. The first thing in mind was that it was a project of our local municipality for the elders. And as my mom just came out from an operation, I told my son to decline.

Not long after that a deafening sound afloat, or at least that was how it came in my ear drums. After which a politician introduced himself. In the middle of the street, this fellow reminded everyone of the upcoming election here in the Philippines (first quarter of 2015). There is a Christmas gift waiting for those who will stand in line and wait until this person stops talking.

I do not know if these people realize that the gift that they will receive were bought from the taxes they paid. I find it surprising that these people believed that a politician will release a fund from his own personal pocket to give a gift to one voter, much less for the whole baranggay. The irony of this is that the supposed gift has the name of the politician on it. Much so that the gifts  cannot even be used and will be put on display. How ironic is that? 

Just image this, a part of my hard earned money will fall to the hands of  A, A will then buy gift from the money deducted from workers like me, this gift has their name on it, give it to workers like me and tell me, "Vote for me!" Are they kidding me?  Are they kidding us? Or are we too naive that for centuries, we allow our politicians to make a mockery of us.

Maybe we could ponder on small things like this one for us to understand the kind of people we are going to vote. Because however I criticize our politicians, change should come from all of us, from each of us, not just them. 

Have a good evening everyone. 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Health Is Wealth

A good evening to the world. 

Thursday and the last day of my day off. It is nice to have written something in my blog. I told myself it would be nice to write regularly. Not to mention the connection to the world that I am getting. I am not much of a social person, you see! I am not really a lone wolf, but I do not talk much. It is in only in writing that I could gather lots of words to say. And it is nice to have been connected to the world this way.

These months have been a challenge. My mother has a cyst, a kidney stone and a stone on her ball bladder. The doctors are still working on her cyst and kidney stone, but the stone in her gall bladder, she will be needing an operation. I believe we will be able to pull it through, but just like in the past, it is one of those challenging moments in our life. 

Health is wealth and with this, I wish a healthy life for you and thank you for reading my post this evening. Have a good evening every one!

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