Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Mockery of Politics

A knock caught my attention, but it was my son who opened the gate. Someone asked if we would like to sign our name so we could receive a Christmas gift. The first thing in mind was that it was a project of our local municipality for the elders. And as my mom just came out from an operation, I told my son to decline.

Not long after that a deafening sound afloat, or at least that was how it came in my ear drums. After which a politician introduced himself. In the middle of the street, this fellow reminded everyone of the upcoming election here in the Philippines (first quarter of 2015). There is a Christmas gift waiting for those who will stand in line and wait until this person stops talking.

I do not know if these people realize that the gift that they will receive were bought from the taxes they paid. I find it surprising that these people believed that a politician will release a fund from his own personal pocket to give a gift to one voter, much less for the whole baranggay. The irony of this is that the supposed gift has the name of the politician on it. Much so that the gifts  cannot even be used and will be put on display. How ironic is that? 

Just image this, a part of my hard earned money will fall to the hands of  A, A will then buy gift from the money deducted from workers like me, this gift has their name on it, give it to workers like me and tell me, "Vote for me!" Are they kidding me?  Are they kidding us? Or are we too naive that for centuries, we allow our politicians to make a mockery of us.

Maybe we could ponder on small things like this one for us to understand the kind of people we are going to vote. Because however I criticize our politicians, change should come from all of us, from each of us, not just them. 

Have a good evening everyone. 

Disclaimer: the picture came from Google image. 

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