Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am sure all of us had experienced being in a predicament when things came out of our hand. Like making a margin so as not to be late in our work but still ended up being late. Somehow, I had been pissed because one of the things I am proud of was that never, never in two years had I been late in going to work. I suppose there is a first time. Unexpected things do happen.

The day when I broke my own record? Traffic was bumper to bumper. It was unusual considering that was the same route I took every day. I even recalled one instance when there was an accident. But still, traffic was not like that day. My question was answered when we reached Frisco. The road was closed. People were building a stage and I could see people coming and going. They had this banner of one politician. That was when I finally understood. A politician closed the road for his campaign. Wheew...really messed up day for ordinary workers like me. The driver of the passenger jeepney was forced to go back and find a road leading to Munoz. Of course, there was an alternate route but considering the number of vehicles that went that way not knowing that the road was not passable , it had been really difficult.

I can not help but to ask myself, Does this politicians simply close any road so that they could campaign? Imagine the people who could be late for work? Imagine the people who could be late to their appointment? It would have been better if the friends of these politicians would announce that they will close this and that road on this hour. Hence, commuters would have a back up plan if they have to pass on that road. In the morning news, there is an update on the traffic for the benefit of those who will report for work. Why cant politicians make sure that their people would update the public if they will close a road for their campaign?

If you will ask me, this reflects how some of the candidates in my country see their constituents. Are they really vying for a particular position to serve? Or to be served?

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