Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A young lady walked in your front. For some reason, you are mystified. Your eyes followed her way. Suddenly a glimpse is not enough. A magnetic embrace pulls you to that being. Her hair, the way she walks, her stature seemed to have stopped the clock for you. What magic can bring about such fleeting elation? There is one answer to that. Beauty.

A professor once asked to the class. How do you define beauty? The response came in variety. Some say beauty is charm. Some stated that a great shape of a womans’ body is beauty. A lovely face is beautiful. A nice hair perhaps. In the midst of various opinions, one student pointed out a different theory. The student further says that beauty is the enhancement of ones senses. It is when one feels that sweet realm of ones senses. It boils down to one concept. When we shut our sense of sight and think of beauty. There is that tingle of good feeling within.

Hence, if to analyze in alignment on this concept. It is not really conclusive that beauty can be measured simply by what our eyes see. In fact, it goes deeper than what our sense of sight could grasp and appreciate. We could put this into an experiment. Let us close our eyes and think of one person we know. Then let us ask ourselves. What do we feel when we think of this person? Is it positive? Is it longing? It is happiness? Is it beautiful? or is it otherwise? If we feel overwhelmed with good emotions with the touch of this persons memoir, then this person is beautiful. However, if we felt hurt, pain, tormented ego, a wound that could not be healed by time, can you say this person is really beautiful? If this person is really beautiful and beauty is when we feel that positive elation in our senses, then why do you feel otherwise?

Is it not possible that beauty is not necessarily what our eyes see but what is inside each of us? Our character. Our attitude towards another human being. Isnt that the true measure of beauty? The beauty within. The timeless beauty.

This is inspired by one of the writings I posted in my blog last year. I am proud of that writing of mine because it captured the interest of one of the blogger directories. I was so flattered when I read the post that was made on the directories site acknowledging what I had written.

I posted this with the intention of making this post as a sample of my writings as well.

Hope you like it.

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kimmy said...

as what the little prince (antoine d'saint exupery) said 'what is essential is invisible to the eye' that's the best definition of 'beauty' i could possibly think of

chubskulit said...

You are a great writer ate She.. Love the article by the way.

Mommy Liz said...

HI She, how are you na? medyo busy ako sa aming pag renovate ng upstairs namin. How's Cen, I hope OK naman kayong mag ina. Take care huh.