Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When I entered my work place, I saw people dressed in purple. Wheww...I forgot, we are dressed down today and we are supposed to wear the color of purple. Must be wondering why? It is the day for women. Today is the International Day For Women.

They say women are the weaker sex. Do you believe that? Well, lots of people tell me that. Well, if we will be talking about who is physically stronger then one can say it is the male species. However, how can one really define strength? Can one say that strength lies in the context of physical prowess alone?

You see, I was pretty much active in Tae Kwon Do during younger years. I even recalled the first question addressed to me when I entered the Martial Arts gym. The instructor asked " Are you sure this is the place you would like to be? I think you belong to aerobics, not in Tae Kwon Do.
No worries, I did not really took that seriously then. In fact, remembering it now, it made me smile to myself. And oh yes, during my first sparring, one of my companion told me, "it is fine to lose, in case you will lose. Anyway, you are a woman". Again, no offense taken. Let us sway away from memory lane a little bit. The reason why I reminisce those days was because it gave me my basics when it comes to strength. Not physical strength alone. Something from within. When I was watching the tournament, I thought the fear and the pain of losing the fight measures a persons courage. Of course, not to mention the possible physical injury one might encounter during the tournament. For me then, that is the definition of courage.

However, when I became separated, a new definition of the word came to me. Courage and strength is when your future is uncertain but you go on nonetheless. It is when it felt like you are falling in the abyss of bottomless pit. Worst is knowing no one will catch as you fall but you go on anyway. Courage is when you know some one is depending on you and you have to go on. Courage and strength is when you have to keep your self and your sanity intact to struggle for survival. Strength is when your knees tremble but you stand still nonetheless. What lies tomorrow for my son and myself? I did not know then. Die if thats what really lies for me and the child in my hands, but I will die fighting. Is that not a definition of inner strength? If that is not, then what is? What is the context of inner strength really?

How many women raised their children alone? How many women compete in the front lines outside the comforts of her home and kept her family intact at the same time? How many women faced the challenge of maintaining and keeping their family? How many women were battered by the person they so trusted the most? Which do you belong?

From a young woman who still aspires for more in life to a woman who is already wounded in lifes challenges but kept on going, this is your day. This is your month. A woman is stronger than most people think we are.

A happy womens day for all of us.

By the way, picture came from newham.com

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