Monday, August 16, 2010

How our Body Affects our Brain

Do you know that your brain is at least 2% of your body weight?  1/4% of the oxygen that you breathe to your lungs goes to your brain. And about 1/4 of the blood pumping in your heart goes to the human brain as well. Above all, about 40% of the nutritious substance in your body goes to the brain.  However, if you will hold it in your hands, you might be flabbergasted with its size. It is tiny. 

So, how does our body system affects the health condition of our brain? The human brain absorbs the nutrients we give to our body. Therefore, if we give our body garbage, we are also feeding garbage to our brain. And really, it affects our brain big time. Had you ever wondered why we have difficulty thinking or studying when we are hungry?  Had you noticed how we have a head ache if some parts of our body are not functioning well? For instance, if our tooth aches, had you noticed that you also have a stabbing pain in your head? When I was in the call center, I had not had a decent sleep. As a result, I had a head ache while working. Less sleep and fatigue equals head ache.

There is a theory in computer operation. Garbage in means garbage out. For those who studies computer, they know that. In the human body, take a garbage in and it will surely have an effect to the functions of our body. The result is low energy, inability to think effectively, bad performance or worse, disease. Makes sense, right?

This said, it is only logical to conclude that what we do to our body, we also do to our brain. So, how do we take care of our brain, then. I think I already asked this in my previous post.

Let us talk about the easy tips on how we could take care of our brain, shall we? But then, that will be on another date and time. But I promise it will be sooner. But until then, have a great week every one.

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