Monday, August 30, 2010

National Heroes Day

August 30 connotes National Heroes Day in the Philippines. This is the day when Filipinos commemorate the Filipino heroes who lost their lives during the oppression against foreign land. And it is the date of tribute to the nameless heroes who sacrificed so much for their country men.

I suppose it is very easy to simply forget how it is to be oppressed when one already gained ones freedom. We also disassociate the word "Hero" to the true meaning of the word. Nowadays, heroes are the masked figures who have the physical strength of thousand men. Heroes are the comic characters and TV figures who can fly. Heroes are those who can punched with an iron hand. Heroes are now associated with fame, physical strength and supernatural powers. But is it really the meaning of the word?

As we are all born unique, we have different perception in life. For me, strength can not be measure by ones physical strength. Strength is measured by the capability of a person to do the right thing even if the world says otherwise. Strength is being afraid but would still go on despite impossible challenges ahead.  For me, heroes are those people who would rather choose the welfare of other people first before his/her own security, safety and welfare. It is being able to care for others without anything in exchange. Being a hero is about value and compassion. But sad to say that compassion is becoming over rated as times pass by. And the fact is, real value is not always seen by the naked eye.

To all Filipinos, Happy National Heroes Day


Mommy Liz said...

HI She, how are you? diot naman Veterans Day ang cinecelebrate sa November. bakit kaya walang National Heroes day dito??

Cens World said...

Hi Liz..And how is the beautiful blogger. I wish I can answer that question..hmmm...bakit nga ba?!!

I am glad you dropped by. Ingat palagi.