Friday, August 7, 2009


We all have our mood swings. Who doesn’t? I think it is perfectly fine for us to have these moods every now and then. Most of the time moods transcends into strong emotion. It could be envy, anger, love or simply happiness. During younger years, I had this perception that emotion was divided into two. The good and the bad. If I was feeling the negative emotion, I am bad. If I am feeling a positive emotion then I am good. Elders told me that being angry or envious is bad. Hence, when I got angry, adult would tell me, “you are bad”. As I grew into adulthood. I realized that there is no bad or good emotion. Anger, fury, hostility is a feeling. Feeling is part of being a human being. These emotions are basically the same as love, compassion, happiness. What makes them good or bad is how we react to such emotion. Let us say Mario got mad. He could either hit the person who caused him to be mad or overcome and control his emotion. If he chooses the first option, hitting makes his emotion bad because he opted to do the bad decision. If he chooses to overcome his anger then that is when he converted the emotion into a positive result. Now, let us go to an emotion which is labeled as good. They say love is a good emotion. What if Maria fell in love with a family man? Love is good, right? If Maria chooses to take this man away from his family because she loves him. That is a bad decision. However, if she reinforces to him that he have a family and he should know his right place, then that is when I could state that the emotion is good. Simply because Maria used her mind before reacting to the emotion, which is love. Hence, for me, any emotion can not be tagged as good or bad. What makes it bad or good is how we react to such emotion. It is important that as adult, we are always in control of that emotion. Simply because that will determine the correctness or the wrongness of such emotion.

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Mom of Four said...

An emotion is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Feeling is used to describe the physical sensation.

I believe that in every emotion that you have in a certain time, your brain dictates on how to deal with it. You can choose to transform your negative thoughts into a positive one,or vice versa but..sometimes, it's so hard to think when you are hurt or in pain and it's easy when you are feeling good or happy. People react differently, some tend to hold back and think before they do anything, and some just react instantaneously. I think, it's always the mind, but oh what I said, people think and react in different ways.
If someone falls in-love with a married man, it doesn't make her bad. If she would force him to leave his family and they be together, that is a bad behavior on her side. It's her emotion that dictates her to do bad or good but it's her mind that tells her to do it or not. Our emotion dictates us what feel, but our minds give us the option to decide how to pursue . Am I making sense? Kasi naman ang post mo, need na mag isip, hehehe.

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Cens World said...

Hello liz, thank you for visiting me today. Heheh..too serious? sorry for that. Just a thought. An opinion. I agree with every word you wrote. Very true.

My post is connoting the ideal. In reality, it is a challenge to be always in control of our emotion. It is a challenge for me too. I suppose what we just have to do as adult is to strive to be in the proper reaction towards our emotion--and to have the courage to face the consequence of our actions in case we came to a point where we regretted our decisions afterwards.