Tuesday, February 10, 2009


During my day off I had computer issues. As soon as my computer problem had been fixed by re-formatting every thing, I had to face internet issues! I know that I have to call my internet provider simply by checking the lights of my modem. If we have a wired connection, it is important that we know what each lights of our modem corresponds into. If we have good lights on the modem, power cycle normally solves the problem. You may ask, what Is power cycle? What does it mean when we say good lights on the modem.

For example, if you are using a modem with the following lights;

1) Power light – If it is solid green, that is a good light

2) Dsl light - If it is solid green, that is a good light. If it blinks..check
physical or network connection. If it turned red- call your internet provider or manufacturer of your modem

3) Ethernet light – should be green. If light is off but you are using an Ethernet cord, means the direction of finding the solution will be on your Ethernet cord or the nic card of your computer thru your device manager;

4) Usb light – If green, then good! If off and you are using an Ethernet cord, no issue: but if you are using usb and light is off, check driver, you may need to install usb driver. Direction will finding the solution will be on the driver of your computer. .

5) Internet light: should be green. If off- check with your internet provider.

That is just an example. Every modem have different lights. Like on my case, that is not the light of my modem. I am using Motorola. Last day off, my Activity light was sold orange- it should be blinking orange. I checked with my internet provider, we worked with the ip address. Release/renew but it had been futile. The good thing is i had been a technical support so I had my share with computers and internet connectivity so we were fast over the phone. No detailed instruction anymore on the agents' part.

The bottom line is, know the lights of your modem. If You have good lights, power cycle should solve the problem. Basically it means refreshing your device but turning it off. But you don’t turn it off just like that. Start with the computer, then the modem. Turn it off, unplug for a number of minutes. Afterwards, turn it back on and there.. you should be getting a good internet connectivity. Standard time frame is 30 seconds but sometimes it would need a full minute to fully turn off your internet set-up. On my case, I power cycle for 5 minutes.

If and when you can already pull up a web page, please pull up at least three web sites. This ensures that what you see is the real internet and not the cookie stored in your computer.

Finally, if lights are not good, power cycle will not solve the problem. Call your internet provider. If you are not sure, troubleshoot with a technician, dont do it yourself!

Hope it helps even a little and do have a nice afternoon, my dear reader


Mom of Four said...

I want to write comment, kaso lang, I don't know anything about modem, computer and stuff. My hubby does everything for me. But anyway, I admire you for knowing a lot about these things. I guess, if you are alone without a partner, you will learn to do things on your own.

When my hubby goes on the road I always get nervous, for some reason everytime he travels for work, things get broken here at the house. The last one that he fixed was the heating system. The one before that was my car. See? I guess, that's the reason we need men in our lives, to fix whatever is broken, Hahaha!!!

Have a great day off next time...

She said...

heheheh!! it is one good thing about having a partner. It is ok not to share,you did read and posted your comment. I am writing according to experience and i am hoping i am able to share some information. Anyway, it is only a basic step. The very basic step actually!!

When ever i see happy couple, i cant help but smile to myself!! You know i already felt the pain of being treated like an "object", used and abused. Once i said, i hope being seperated should not happen to women or men but it seemed like a trend. getting more and more broken families. So,when ever i see happy ladies like you it is heart warming!!! broken marriages are not really that rampant afterall!!

I wish you a more...more of a happy life with him..and

have a nice day, dearie!!

Cecile said...

Thanks for the tips, Cen, they are useful esp. ako minsan may problema sa modem.

have a great day dear!

She said...

You are much welcome ces and advance happy valentine!!

Have a nice day