Friday, February 6, 2009


There are many concepts in my mind that I could write but I can not just put it into the right words to create a good context. I sat down in front of my computer desk mumbling for words when I noticed my calendar still in the month of January. Hey, it is already February, right? So I turned the calendar for the month of February. Then I noticed, my calendar is full of pictures of roses for this month. Hmm.. Do you know that my favorite flower is a rose? So, as I eat my snickers and indulge to its thick chocolaty taste, not to mention the luscious pile of nuts and caramel filling into my mouth with boundless ecstasy, hmmm… of course with a cup of coffee beside me, I began to form pattern of words.

Let us just talk today, ok?!! Keep it light…no thoughts or strong convictions for now..let us keep everything light !!! I am addicted to coffee. During younger years, I could drink 8 to 10 mugs of coffee. I like snickers. In fact that is the only chocolate I allowed to tempt me…...Indulge!! I like roses. That is my favorite flower! I liked most is a white rose. A rose means love. I liked it white because White means pure, without blemish! So, a white rose means Pure Love. You see, when I was younger, people say I was beautiful. At present, people outside my work place still finds me beautiful but of course not as lovely as I was during younger years. In my work place? Well, they are particular with age, you know! They are very filipinos’!! They always want to remind me everyday that I already depreciated because of my age and joking with them makes me feel older than my actual age. Anyways, during younger years, I had many suitors. I know for a fact that some of them were not serious. Their “I love you” depended with what they eyes saw and that stops there. I know that because I had proof! People during the peak years of my life considered me a very smart woman. They said I was beauty and brains. Not to mention I came from a good family. So I thought those were enough to be truly loved and I was wrong.
Unfortunately, one man whom I thought is different from the rest proved to be the worst ever. Button line, In my life time, I never felt how it is to be truly love and cared by a male species. Do they really protect? Is their broad shoulder really there to lean on?? Really?? Button line is…. I like a white rose because it is very symbolic for me. It reminded me of something that I was not able to have and will never have .One of the things that were denied from me in this life time.

Hey.. don’t get me wrong here. I am not anymore expecting any love coming my way!! My son and my life is good as it is! Truly!! We have different path and this is mine. I don’t want to sound morbid but there was a time when I told my son that when I pass-away from this life, I want my funeral full of white roses. Nothing but white roses!!! they say in filipino word “Bonga..Award..” right?

Hey..Smile and Have a nice day, my dearest reader!! You are very dear to me and thank you for your precious time talking to me thru my blog!!


Clarissa said...

Hi She!Thanks for dropping by and for following!!Followed yours,too,hope u don't mind!
Have a happy weekend!

She said...

Of course, and thanks too for visiting my site!! Have a nice day

Mom of Four said...

HI there She..You are still beautiful and smart, don't mind those kids who joke about your age. You can tell them that you are more experienced, how is that?
You were cared and loved, unluckily, it didn't last. Love is like a gamble, you don't know if you will leave being a winner or loser. It's how you handle the outcome. Your happiness will come in an unexpected time.

White roses are so beautiful, too bad, I am allergic to anything with scent. I take medication for allergy, sinus and migraine. I cannot appreciate flowers that much, I love the looks of it though.

Have a great day to you..

She said...

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my entry. I am now one of your followers and hope to see you more thru our site.

Well, sabi nila may malas daw sa relationships. ako yon pero ok lang yun..good na lang i have the friendship of my son.

i like the looks of flowers too!! ang ganda nila tingnan kaya lang hindi malamig ang kamay ko sa mga halaman kaya hanggang tingin na lang ako. white flower is my favorite though!!

See you thru our site and have a nice day!! :)