Thursday, February 12, 2009


February 12 connotes the birthday of the known Great Emancipator and the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. As we know, Abraham Lincoln was born on 1809 in Hardin County. Lincolns’ birthday was remembered and celebrated on the actual date of his birthday, which was February 12, however during early part of 1970s, { If i am not mistaken, 1971} Abraham Lincoln’s birthday had been combined with George Washington’s birthday and had considered it as one holiday. This has been referred to as Presidents’ Day which is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. This becomes the day dedicated to honor all of the Presidents of the United States. Lincolns’ birthday is a legal holiday in some states like Illinois, Connecticut, California, Missouri, The Big Apple, which is New York and Indiana.

Well, here is to salute to one of the most respected and celebrated president of the United States not just because of his great deeds as one of the president of the United States but also because of his major contribution in abolishing slavery during his time.

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Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday,Mr.Abraham Lincoln!!I give ya a salute!!\(^0^)/
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She said...

...clarissa..thanks for the visit and the comment.. celebrated din ba sa state where you are located and lincolns' day? i got to see your trip!! cave..i can image i was fun..

have a great day..dearie

She said...

..clarissa..i apologize..i was thinking while writing the reply for your comment that you are residing in the us. then i remembered,you are based in japan, right? i hope you could forgive me.

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Clarissa said...

no problem,Mommy She!!
Thanks for the visits and a Happy Valentine's Day to you,too!!
No romantic plans for us coz we're going to our in-laws home today and VD to us isn't that special(T_T)
Have a happy weekend,Mommy She!

Mom of Four said...

Wow, kaya pala Holiday kami sa MOnday. Tuwang tuwa ang mga anak ko..Wala ng inabangan yun kundi walang pasok. Hehehe.. Thanks for the info..Been here in US for almost 14 years and I don't know this information. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your son...

traveller said...

Very interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence

She said...

...traveller. hello there. I am honored that you included my blog for your book mark and note it for future reference. I visited your site and will return in order to follow your blog

Again, extending my appreciation thanks thank you as well for the visit and the comment.

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She said...

..Mom Of Four!! Nung estudyante pa ako..parang tumama ako sa loto kapag walang pasok hehehe... no problem..nang estudyante pa ako mahilig ako sa history..favorite subject, you see!! i had a lady lawyer-confidante and friend na taga-UP at marami siyang binuksan sa akin tungkol sa mga kasaysayan..kaya lang hindi lahat peweding isulat..kaiskandaloiskandalo..anyways...enjoy your holiday..minsan lang yan...happy valentine to you and your family