Friday, February 27, 2009


Here I am in front of my laptop. The past few days were hectic. We were to render three (3) to four (4) hours additional work on top of the 8 hours shift for the past days. Remember we work at night. Hence, even though we don’t do manual labor, it is still very tiring to stay at work for longer hours! Sometimes I felt so tired I wished things would be different but then if I will really think about it, It is very much fine. My life is as good as a single woman who owned her own schedule and manages her own time. I plan what I want for my life and what I want to give for my son. No one messes up my schedule. If I will really think about it, every thing I did was to earn money and spend time for my best friend, Cen. Life is simple and the simpler the better, actually. Less complications, the better. It becomes less tiring if I think it that way. And it is not something that I have to think just to console myself. It is actually the truth. You see, there are a lot of things that I want for myself and my son. A house and lot and a business. A house with my personal touch. A business that could support a larger venture of business. But then, at the moment, while I am pushing my self to attain those plan, why not enjoy the fact that I am abundant with the basic needs, I am free and I control my time, right?!!
It is true that our projection on things around us depends on our own respective perception.

Have a nice day every one and always put on those sweet smile!!


shasha said...

i have a tag for you at my blog.kindly visit and get the tag.i hope you'll post it here it's an interesting tag.see you!

Mom of Four said...

I just wrote down on my comment section in response to your comment, about simple life is better, not a lot of complications. Di ba mas masarap mabuhay ng ayun lang sa iyong means. Sometimes, bigger earning, bigger spending din. What else can you ask for, you have a job, you have your son. Like what I always hear, you cannot have everything that you wanted, but be thankful of what you got. You might not want to switch situations with your neighbors, di ba? did I make sense? If you think your life is not what you want it to be? look around, and you will realize how lucky you are.. I am happy with what I have accomplished. House and lot or business will not make you happy and contented, it's how you carry your life and live it to the fullest. Although we don't have a lot of money, I cannot ask for more, why should I? I have everything in my hand right now..

Take care and have fun with Cen.

She said...

..To Liza of Mom of Four..Thanks for your comment. A previous co-worker once said in a group, “A real friend is the one who will tell us what he/she believes is good for us, regardless if it is good or bad in the ear because she or he always meant well for us” I think you are a real friend material and I am lucky to have you as one of my blog list.

Gusto ko ng bahay at lupa dahil wala akong sariling bahay. Well, I live in a compound. parte ng tinitirhan ko ay akin pero mag kakasama kami mula sa kapatid hanggang sa tiyuhin at tiyahin. May mga pang yayari sa nakaraan katulad ng:

1) one directly related to me by family ties pushed me to move out because I am already married and I should not stay in the property anymore.

2)One directly related to me by family ties—ang tawag niya kay Cen ay “singaw”, walang tatay” because hindi na niya nakita ang tatay niya.

3)One directly related to me by family ties – one instance na galling si Cen sa school, sinara niya ang gate ng compound so my son could not get in, dumating siya from school 1:00pm. 5:00 pm na siya nakapasok sa bahay ng dumating ang lola niya. Sinabi sa akin ng kapit bahay after a number of days.

4)I went to one of the siblings house para makitira pan samantala but what happened was—hindi uupo ang anak ko sa umaga hanggang hindi linis ang buong bahay. Kapag may kasalanan ang pinsan niyang babae, anak ko ang nakaka tikim ng hindi makain na salita. Pag dating ko from work makikita ko ang anak ko nasa sulok ng madilim na silid naka kuyapit sa gilid ng kama. One night nasira ng pamangkin kong babae ang pintuan, tinuro ng mga bata si Cen kasi takot sila, My son … sorry pero mabigat e-elaborate.. I thought matutulog kami sa kalsada ng gabing iyon. I was forced to return to quezon City.

Ang pinaka masakit, Cen never complained. Nararamdaman ko ang hirap niya pero gumagalaw siya ng normal sa harapann ko dahil ayaw niyang dagdagan ang hirap na pasan pasan ko na. Up until now, remembering those naiiyak pa din ako. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko noon…Time will come, mag kakaroon kami ni Vincent ko ng lugar na para sa aming mag-ina. Para sa anak ko! . Kahit mamatay ako sa hirap. Patay kung patay,,iaahon ko ang anak ko. Hindi ko na hinabol ang karapatan ko sa bahay naming dito sa QC. Sa kanya na lang lahat!! The only person who helped me and stood for me- Papa at mama ko lang.

This is the second reason kaya umalis ako sa community service. Iyong mga tao na lumapit sa akin, we were on the same boat.I can not give something I don’t have. Though I know how it feels na nakadapa ka na,inaapakan ka pa.

I want to look sa positive side..because of those incidents— 1) ginusto kong mag kararoon na sarili kong lugar. 2) Matured si Cen sa edad niya at naging daan iyon para mag depend kami sa isat-isa. Kaya nga best friend kami.

I want a business para kapag hindi ko na kayang mag trabaho,,hindi ako aasa kahit kanino. May kukunan ako ng kakainin at sustainance ko. Lalo na at may slip disk ako.

So, yes, I want a house and lot..with personal touch..dagdag na lang. Yes, I want a business. Guilty as charge. If that is too much to ask,,then I am quilty, I ask too much!!

I know I will be subjected to scrutiny by some who may, by chance, read this entry. I re-thinked if I should really open it up. I don’t mean to and I did not intend to open a dark side of my life to the world,, thru internet. For this I humbly apologize. It will be the last time I will open that much about me.

You deserve some answer,,my dear friend. I hope I am able to address the concern you raised.

She said...

..To Shasha. Thanks for visiting my site and more thanks for the tag that you passed on to me. I will start on listings about the ten things about myself, then..

Have a nice day and nice meeting you!

richard said...

sinabi mo pa Momi She, sobra overtime natin ngayon....I have a tag for you I hop you like it...

See you at work...

She said...

...To Doods of Dreamsworksorg. Oo nga, korek ka diyan. Imagine pre and post shift. nakaka pagod din kahit hindi tayo manual work. Positive side naman, lets think of pay day para naman good ang ot natin.

Have a nice day and thank you sa tag.