Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I received this Tag from Doods of Dreamsworksorg and with this tag is a warm thanks so much. Not just for this tag but for the other tag as well! Not to mention giving me information i needed to start blogging.

Sports car? Well, honestly I am not much into cars. In fact my father had been nagging me take driving lesson so I can use our car in going to work. I was able to drive along the south superhighway but that was so many years ago, and I was driving a jeepney then..heheheh.. trial. My co-worker challenged me, what the hell, I said "go" !! So, I drove. I was younger then so my sense of adventure can send an elder person a strong sign of the cross!! Well, I am still alive. They are still alive as well, only they did not speak to me for a number of weeks after that!! Just kidding. In fairness, I was able to drive. Just that driving and cars are not my stuff. Every time I think of driving, I think of the cost of gasoline that I have to take out from my wallet versus the freight expense if I will just take a passenger jeepney!!

Anyways, If given the chance, a van will be real nice. Not a sports car though! I will take my family with me for a ride in a spacious van . My father, mother and of course, my son, Cen! Spacious, I like that! A vehicle I can make my second best alternative to home..hmm..

I want it red,or strong pink!! Hah!! People will be looking for a sheer pink van!! Right? What do you think?
I am now passing this tag to Mom of Four, Clarissa, Zhey, Rose and Cecille.
Have a nice day every one!

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Clarissa said...

Ang galing ng van natin,Mommy She!!\(^0^)/
Nakapag-drive ka na ng jeepney?Kaka-nervous ba?hahahaa!!ang sumakay sa yo?lol!
Ingat ka palagi,Mommy She!^_^

She said...

clarissa..hehehe..medyo,namuti ang mga mukha ng sakay ko eh!!!

hows your day?

thanks for the visit and the comment

chubskulit said...

thanks for the tag ate, this tag came from me hehehe..

Happy Valentine's day!

She said...

...yaa...chubskulit..ganun ba!!!well,i should be thanks you also then because had it not been of you, wala akong tag about sporty car...

hows your day?!!!