Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This week is an adjustment for me and my co-workers because we are compelled to tune-in to selling mode when we are profiled for a technical account. Selling is not my best forte, you know. I could sell, sure! However, it is different to sell a tangible object, discuss it in detail to a customer who is in front of you, and giving the customer the true value of what he or she is getting. Selling over the phone is entirely different. More than that, I can gauge on an outbound call more than an inbound call. For one, outbound call can give the agent the leeway when she or he have to go to the bathroom or have to fill-in his or her throat with water so as to make sure it will not dry up due to continuous talking. Inbound calls will not give an agent that kind of leeway! When the agent knows she or he has to go to the bathroom, she or he should first look for a supervisor and ask permission to go on aux [ aux is what we press on our phone to make sure no call will come in while necessity calls]. And that is only for a number of minutes so the agent should really make every second count! Can not take our break according to schedule. Our stomach and necessities will depend on the number of calls coming in. Many calls coming in means we have to delay our break and/or our lunch. And if the agent gets so lucky, he or she will bear sarcastic words and being named names by an irate caller. Sometimes, the agent will not even have the chance to know why she or he should take those words from the caller because the caller will give it all out after all the heavy words already came out and had been transferred to the poor agent. Well, one reality in the world is, we have to work specially when someone is depending on us. It is better to have a work than have no source of income at all. We just have to accept that this is customer service. That is our work, we should value our work !! And they say our job is easy!

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Call Center Training said...

That does sounds like a stressful job and I can imagine how irate customers do not make it any easier! I know that a lot of time and resources are put into customer service, as it should, but I think it is also important to acknowledge that customers can also be very unreasonable and disagreeable. YOu make an extremely good point! Good luck with those tough customers...maybe there will come a day when they learn manners.

She said...

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Being a call center agent had also thought me a lot of things;

1) Being a customer as well, inhale and exhale before i call the customer hotline because i dont want to throw venom to people whose job is to help me.

2) Not to be sensitive when taking in calls. Understand that these customers need to vent out!! What ever 'under the belt" words some customers utter, they still need help and that is our job, no matter what!!

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