Sunday, February 22, 2009


Thanks so much to the following gorgeous ladies who handed me this Award!! Cecille of Down Home With The Kenyons, Rose of Chubskulit and Liza of Mom Of Four: This is one honorable Award!!

Cen went from behind and surprised me with a hug just in time when the camera clicked "Cheese". This was taken in Manaoag Church. He was fifteen then.
My status, being separated and a single mom, is already a common knowledge among my peers and co-workers. It is already part of my record. I can say that being a single mom is never easy but its worth it because a priceless soul had been entrusted to me. Cen is also my best friend, you see!! He is always there to give me comforting words and a bear hug when ever I am worried. I sensed how worried he is when my slip disk retro acted. I can tell him almost every thing. Certain occasions when I even ask his opinion about things. In a way, it is not entirely him depending on me. I am also depending on his friendship. More than that, motherly love made me accept the challenges that came my way!! Because of my son, I exerted every effort to be strong and to lead a straight path. Had it not been because of him.. I would not have any reason to dream..plan…and move on!! My son is also my buddy , " barkada" in Filipino word.
The rules: 1. Show the award logo in your post. 2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s). 3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom. 3. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.
I am now passing this Award to Rhea of Rheas' Sweet Escape and Leslie Anns' Something and Nothing At All and Clarissa of Kizuna and to all mommy who read this Award!
Have a Nice Day Everyone!!


Clarissa said...

Congratulations to the award,Mommy She!You deserved it for being strong as a single Mom and for always there for Cen.I know the feeling because my Father died at an early age and my Mom worked hard for us to make a living.
Thanks for the thoughts of including me in the list.^_^ and thanks for dropping by,too!

She said...

...Hi Clarissa. Thanks. that is a compliment. You deserve the Best Mom Award and thanks for your tag as well. I will post it on the sonnest.

I suppose you can relate to my sons' situation then!! I am sure if your father is still alive he will be proud of you! And your mom is surely proud of you as well!!

Have a nice day!!

Cecile said...

She, Thanks for accepting this award; I know you deserve it. You are a loving Mom to Cen, I can feel it though we haven't met in person yet. Your blog says it all. Thanks for putting my name on the lists, too as what Clarissa said.

Have a nice day dear and thanks for the comments and visits:-)

She said...

Ces..I am much pleased and honored just by the title of the Award, actually!! Every mom is much worthy for an award like this because it is never easy to be a mother.

Thanks for visiting me and do have a great day!!

Mom of Four said...

You really deserve this Award She, I am so glad that despite of your being a single mom, you live a happy life with your son. It's great that he is your bestfriend, and it's greater too that you both depend on each other. You raised him real well. I salute you! He grew up to be the person he is because of you. You taught him how to be strong and how to be live a happy and normal life even if your family is not complete. More power to you my dear friend. Good luck and I will see you again..

Leslie Ann said...

you're a great mom and friend and person, momi she. that's why a lot of people call you momi...just don't forget to take some time out for yourself and relax a little bit, OK?

She said...

..To Les. Thanks. coming from you that is a real compliment. One thing though..i dont know if i can loosen up a bit or relax..I am too stiff..

Thanks again and have a nice day

She said...

..To Liz of Mom Of Four..You deserve the award as well, Liz. I am pleased na mabait si Cen, wala akong konsumisyon o problema sa kanya. walang bisyo, straight sa study at kontrolado niya ang social life niya. Much more, hindi siya nahihiya na kasama ako sa daan. Iyong ibang lalakeng teener, ayaw kasama si mother sa kalsada. Iba siya, he is even proud, kaya lang kinagagalitan na ako minsan.

Thanks for the comment and have a nice day