Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Thank you Doods of Dreamworksorg. for this Tag and I am so sorry it took a while before I am able to post the Tag that you passed on to me. Thank you for your generosity and kind heart:

1) Have you ever been on T.V.?
No, I had never been on T.V. I will just content myself watching those who
are on the T.V.
2) Have you ever sung in public?
Yes, when I was a teen ager. My father approached me after that. He told me never sing again. We don’t have any singing talent in the family. I loved music. I think music does not even like me!

3.) Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Yes, as a matter of fact I did when I was on my late twenties. My hair dresser said that would lighten up my features..hmm.. some how I don’t think so!!

4) Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs?
No.. Never tried even once. I am not into it.

5) Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
None, I appreciate anything that had been given to me and each of them is equally important as the other. I am remembered and had been given something. For that alone, I should be appreciative.

6) Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
Yes, It was embarrassing. I was not looking into where I am heading so I did not notice the lamp post ahead of me. Good thing not so many people were watching.

7) Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
No, I can not do that!! That will be very tiresome. I don’t have the energy!!
8) Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Oohhh…yes!! Another embarrassing moment. Floor was very slippery and I was not able to maintain my balance so I stumbled in front of others! I immediately stood up and arrange my self. Walked tall as if nothing happened! My friends asked me if I was hurt and I replied “ No, I was not hurt!! The only thing that hurt was my pride” Then I smiled..they smiled back and gave me a tap!! Kinda clumsy, don’t you think?

9) Have you ever done volunteer work?

Yes! I don’t know if you can call that volunteer work but I did my share of community service..

2005 – I was a coordinator in a project focused on Global Warming. We focused on making other sector of our society realized how important it is to preserve our planet.
2000 – Organization For Single Parents: I was the head-coordinator for a reach out program focusing on the single parent. Reaching out to people who had been widowed, separated and had children outside wedlock. On top of the seminars, helping unwed teen age girls who became pregnant and don’t have a home for shelter. There is an institution that helps them from the time of their conception to child birth until they are already physically ready to go back to the world. One case I handled– Let us call her Ms. A. She went to Manila hoping to find a job here. She was 16. No job, no place to stay, she slept In the streets. One man played her protector but she became pregnant by this man. She thought he was single only to find out that he was very much married. When he learned that ms. A was pregnant, he started avoiding her. 16, no money, no place to stay!! Cant back to the province because of her condition. The last thing we know she went in a slum area rather than sleep in the street. A friend reported her condition. We searched for her but it was futile. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night sweating because I dreamt of her. Another case was one of my so called flock. She was a house maid, raped and had been pregnant. She was 15. She did not complain. She just took it. I told her to fight for herself and her baby but she was so young, so vulnerable!! I stopped because it was getting personal for me.

1991- I had another child. He is not my biological son. I met him in the orphanage. His mother was a prostitute and left him to a nun. Because his mom uses pills to abort him, his face was disfigured. His is human because he have a face, a nose, a mouth and a pair of eyes but his face is not aligned as it should be. His nose have only one opening. His mouth is an inch below his nose and his eyes is not aligned as it should be. My heart fell for him. Every time I visit the orphanage, he was there as if he knew me, he hugged me and he would give me those smile gleefully. He is full of life and he made me realized how lucky I was. Yes, my husband abandoned me and my son but my son was very much healthy and almost perfect to look at. My son was and is very normal. I had a job, why was I gloomy? Because a man who does not deserve my love finally gave me my freedom? Odd, isn’t it? I look at my foster son, I realized how lucky I am. My foster son is now in the United States, the church took him for a major operation and I was not able to see him since then.

I was pretty active on these activities. The bad thing was I had felt and seen the dark side of life and it made me weep even when it was not me directly affected. It was very frustrating because I could only do so little. One of the thing I realize was that, perhaps, before I extend outside my house, I should make sure I am already full on the inside. Now, my focused is giving the fullest for my son. Maybe, in the future I will go back to that dark side of the world but till then, I would like to make sure that the second time around, I could already be able to do something. Sometimes, encouraging words is not enough. The sad reality is that no one can change the system. One man can not change the system. And that the only one who could really help a person is himself. Others can support but the real action will be starting from the person concerned. That is some of the realities in life.
I am now passing this Tag to Rea, Zhey, Mom Of Four, Chubskulit, Cup Of Coffee and Grapes.

Have a nice day every one!!


Clarissa said...

It's ok-- I will drop by again here!No problem here!^_^
Have a nice day,Mommy She!btw,you have an award!

Mom of Four said...

I love your volunteer work She, the way you took care of the boy. You are such one sweet soul. I don't understand why you never heard from your foster son after he went to the US.
The way I look at your personality, you are so generous, thoughtful and so soft hearted individual. Your friends will be very lucky to have your friendship. Your son is lucky to have you as his mother. You give your love unconditionally, to anybody, and that is great...
I wish you all the best in live. You might be unlucky in love, but, your time will come. I know it will..
I've done this tag already, but thanks for including me..

Cecile said...

She, it is always nice to know a little bit more of you :-) thanks for sharing you storyies with us :-)

i have a tag nga pala for you "best mom"

have a nice evening!

chubskulit said...

thanks for the tag ate shirley, I have posted this tag on my Etcetera blog weeks ago..

She said...

hi..Mom Of Four..Thanks for visiting and the comment!!

Regarding my foster son, ng makilala ko siya, struggling pa ako kasi kahihiwalay lang namin ng ex-hubby ko. Hindi ko kaya ang pag aayos ng papeles and everything for a formal adaption. In deeds, para ko na siyang anak kasi part ng suweldo ko allotted na para sa gatas, pampers and his other needs. Pag walang pasok,kasama ko si Cen sa orphanage. In fact, 7th birthday ng anak ko duon kami nag celebrate. Si Cen ang humiling sa akin na makasama niya ang mga nasa orphanage. so wala akong rights per se at wala akong hawak na papeles. Maliit pa siya ng umalis siya sa Pinas. di ako sure kung natatandaan pa niya ako. Kung sakali man, baka sa pangalan na lang. ok lang, basta maganda ang maging kalagayan niya. Iyong ang importante.

Iyon ang dahilan kaya wala na kaming contact!!

Have a nice day!!

She said...

..To Chubskulit.. Thanks for the Tag.I will definitely check it out and grab it..

Thanks so much!!

Have a nice day

She said...

Hi Cecille.. i like the picture in your site.. Thanks so much!! I promise to grab the tag and thanks for the visit.

Have a nice day

She said...

...To Clarisa.. Thanks for dropping by again and thank you for the Tag. Will definetly grab it

Have a nice day!!

chubskulit said...

Hello ate she, just please click the link on this comment, it will lead you to the post.. best MOM Hope you like it!

Leslie Ann said...

hi momi she!

i really liked this tag so i went ahead and grabbed it, OK? thanks!


She said...

..To Les..please do get the Tag. And thanks for visiting me.

Have a nice day