Sunday, February 1, 2009


I signed up as a freelance writer for O’Desk. A friend who is a writer online had informed me that I could begin working as a free lance writer thru this site. He began through ODesk as well. It took a while for me to complete my profile. I have to consult my resume because I was prompted to fill-out the details of my work experience and educational background. Not to mention a sample of my writing. Whew!! I pulled out one entry from my blog, which I entitled “Vulnerability”. I chose that entry because usually before I write I still have to make out the context and gauge the appropriate wordings for the entry. Of course, our communication style and how we play with the words will come out seamlessly because we write the words coming from our mind. We just follow the path. But then, this entry comes not just from my mind but from my heart as well!! So words came out swiftly. Sleek even. It projects a deep emotion at the time so I don’t have to grasp for proper wordings. Anyways, when I started applying for work, system would not allow me to because I still have to pass the test. When I took the test I realized there is a timer so I have a time-limit. I should not be so relaxed because time is not on my side. It is good though that I am able to pass the examination and now a Certified ODesk Freelance Writer. I am excited about it.
To be an ODesk writer, Cmon, join in..jusk click on the O'desk widget on the side of this blog. You will be most welcomed!!!

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