Sunday, July 26, 2009


There are no classes in Manila, Philippines come Monday, July 27 due to the coming State of The Nations Address [SONA] of President Arroyo. On top of SONA, it is also the grand Anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is the 95th Anniversary Celebration of Iglesia ni Cristo.
From one of the news, it had been stated that President Arroyo will push Charter Change in the State of The Nation Address. I do not know about you guys but I do not feel comfortable about Charter Change. My father is a lawyer so law is his field. He said there are really some part of the Constitution that should have been changed for the better. After all, the Constitution should serve its purpose, which is to protect its people. The Constitution should be for the people and by the people. However, the intent of the government to pursue Charter Change is questionable. The purpose of the current Charter Change is very much shaded with doubt. As a private citizen, I have the fear that once government successfully pass the Charter Change, the benefit will not be for the people but for the person who is on the highest seat of power. Of course, the benefit will be extended to the people who proceeds with the president. I can not imagine what will happen to this poor country if that happen.
Who is the real culprit? Is it just the media exaggerating the information being passed on? Is it the critics of the government? Or is it really the people in power who are on their stance to protect their benefits no matter what. Private citizens like me may never get the answer. However, the observation of one of my colleague stands strong, corruption in the government is really rampant. There is no room for shame anymore.
It is very sad. I believe Filipinos are talented and brainy. This is a land of beautiful and talented species. However, the next step to progress seemed so far. Our people have this mentality that we have to go to another country to acquire a stable living. We have this notion that there is a slow progress if we will stay here in our own land. I can not blame those people who thinks like this because if you will look around, these people have a strong point. If the common citizen have the traits that can pull us down – like procrastination and crab mentality, it is being aggravated and sealed by the people who are in the seat of power. Instead of serving the very purpose of the word “service to the people”, some people in the government would do every thing they can to stay in power- not to serve but to be served. My poor country – always in misery.

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