Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Vincent had been awfully quiet lately. I can feel the distance lately. I used to be so hyper active and would tease him and would really mess up things but he would not mind. I would ask for a hug and he would gladly hug me real tight. Most occasions he would throw pillow while I am half asleep. Sometimes, he would go to my room and take a look at me. I felt him kissing my forehead before he close the door behind him. He used to be hyper talkative. He would talk about school or about his classmates. However, the past few days I noticed he became too serious. He had been quiet. I would be so hyper talkative and he used to join me by being hyper as well. It was as if we were just buddys competing. However, the last few days he was too serious so I would slow down because I knew he was not in the mood. It seemed as if he had been developing a world that he alone knows and I am not included in that world anymore. I had been worried. I think my son is catching up with himself lately. When I was a teen ager, I had quite a journey finding my own identity. I think my son is at the doorstep of that journey now. I did seriously talked to him. He assured me he don’t have any problem. I told him that if there is a problem that he would like to fix himself, I would understand but I hope he could give me a hint so I could at least give him an idea of the pros and cons. He assured again he does not have a problem. I stopped from there. I know I should give him the space he needs. I think all parents of a teen ager goes to the same process. This is the stage when I am slowly feeling I am loosing him. I did not lose him as a son, but this is the stage where he is developing a world of his own, a life and a path of his own, on his own. Some of those things that had to be done, I suppose. We all go through this process. I assured him though that no matter what, I am always there for him and I love him so much! He is my life, you know!

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