Saturday, January 24, 2009


The difference of being young and being an adult is that for young ones, you don’t have to find any reason to smile and be jolly. For adults who already have responsibilities, if you try to find a reason to smile, you’ll be damned. As one customer told me, be happy just for the sake of being happy. After all being happy is when you decided you will be happy today! The thing about emotion is that it is contagious. If a person is gloomy, it affects the person near him or her. However, when one smile you will find other people smiling back at you!! Now, that is very true. I just have to say something though!! One day a lady approaching was smiling, the first instinct was to smile back. However, as the lady got nearer, I realized her eyes were looking past through me, I looked behind and there was no one behind me. She was smiling but it was not sincere. I felt I made my self foolish for smiling back because my smile had meant nothing for her. I want a sincere smile. Nothing replaces the genuine. Smile brightens your day and your face as well! A good smile makes it a good way to start our day! As they say, smile and the world will smile back at you!! Happy Smiling every one!!


Cecile said...

i agree with you , Cen 100%! Smile is indeed contagious and brightens someone else's day.

anyway, thanks for the visit and the tag, will grab it now :-)

thanks also for the sincere comment left on my box :-)i sure appreciate your visit as always!

She said...

Hi, dear! i am glad you got my tag for you!! as soon as i have one, i will surely pass it on to you!! and thanks for visiting me!! As i write my reply, i am so glad i can now exchanges comments with you again! Take care and have a nice day... by the way, the reasons you wrote about your hubby!! woww! you are one lucky woman! hopefully, more marriages will end up like yours!! I do hope so!

Have a nice day dear!!