Sunday, January 25, 2009


One of the famous festivals here in the Philippines is our Dinagyang Festival. It is held in Iloilo City every 4th weekend of January. The celebrated festival started way back 1968 when the image of the Sr. Sto. Nino from Cebu City was brought and enshrined to San Jose Parish church. Since then a novena was held and the first parish feast was celebrated a year after. As years passed it had become very successful to the point that it draw political figures ensuring their mark to the people, not just the locals of Iloilo City but to the Filipino people as a whole as well. It was as if reminding the people that they are very much visible. On top of these political big shots, the Dinagyang Festival had also been one of the tourist attractions.

Dinagyang Festival is celebrated with frenetic stomping of the feet, ear-braking drumbeating, fireworks and colorful and eye-catching costumes of dancers bursting with energy and enigmatic rhythm that you will see only here in our proud country, the pearl of the East! Actually, the dance contributed by the participants is more than just about rhythmic movements and bashful costumes, it is also to remind the people of the rich cultural heritage of Iloilo people and its city amid what seemed to be a rapid change in our cultural heritage. It is more than merry making and celebration, it is history and thanksgiving as well!!
For our brothers and sisters from Iloilo:

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