Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is Lloydsfirst day of work. He had been given moral support by the members of the family. I told him to value his work the way he value his life because this is going to be his bread and butter. He is not receptive to advices, you know! I had been worried though because his whole life had been luxury and convenience. His normal day ranges from sleeping, playing computer games, eating and working on the family vehicle. I was worried he would not make it on a blue colar job. I am hoping he would persist. I hoped he could have continued to college and landed on a high paying job. Unfortunately, too much comfort and being spoiled had made things very easy for him that he did not think much of the future. He started a family very early and had not thought of the responsibilities that goes with being a father on a very tender age. Anyways, we all have decisions that we make. Sometimes we learn the hard way, sometimes the easy way. I am hoping my little bro would cope and would not give up. I am hoping further that he would have a happy life with his family. I would like to see him have a solid marriage with Abby. A happy life together.

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