Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This entry and a few more will be dedicated to the important woman in my life. She is none other than my mom. My moms name is Leonie and 15th of January is her birthday. She is your typical picture of a mother. Protective in nature, caring and often times nagging. When she wants to say something, she would repeat it a hundred times. Sometimes it can really get in ones nerves. But then, her maternal instinct is so strong. Protect her children, no matter what! That’s her. When I was still working in an office environment where my work schedule starts 8:00 am to 5:00pm, it was my mom who picked up Vincent from school.I used to drop Vincent to school and she would pick up my son after his class. That was from his preparatory up to the early part of elementary years! Now that my son is already a teen ager, it is my mother who always remind him to take his breakfast before going to school. At 6:00am I am still at work. That is our lunch time in my work place. The most that I could do is to call at home but it is my mother who is personally in front of him to make sure my son will not miss his breakfast. She had been the second mother for my son and i appreciate her help so much. 15th is her birthday and I would like her to make the most out of it. Be happy!! Relax, for once because its her birthday. I am wishing a relaxed years for my mom!!

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