Thursday, January 1, 2009


I celebrated New Year with my family. It has been a tradition to prepare eight rounded fruits on the table like apple, orange, chico, water melon and more. The requirement is that these fruits should be rounded. I prepared “balut” and “penoy “. We always give ten “balut” and ten “penoy” to our relatives nearby. When the clock strikes midnight, we always share abundant foods on the table. There is always the ham, cheese, fried chicken, jumbo hotdog and of course, crispy pata. After dining together, my father will go around the compound and throw coins in every part of the house. Specially our house. It has been a lucky charm for my father. He welcomes the year with showering the compound with coins..from P10 peso coin to 5 cents. When I was little, I used to get a lot. One year I got a almost a hundred pesos. Needless to say, as soon as my father starts throwing money people would surround the area. Even neighbors would be going inside the compound and pick up the coins on the ground. Its quite fun, you know! I remembered I used to wake up early in the morning sweeping. I reached beyond the gate just to find the money that were left in the street. This has been practiced by my father for years and he never missed even once. Sometimes I thought of continuing what he started. However, it is only me and my son. My son is not a bit interested joining the crowd picking up the coins. Even just for the fun of it. Until now I pick up some of the coins but I am not anymore as persistent as I was when I was still a kid. I now leave it to the younger generation to make the most of the fun. Well, that was how we celebrate our New Year. I know every family have our respective ways of welcoming the new year. What is yours?

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