Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was having my launch this morning when I saw the morning news in one of our leading stations here in the Philippines. I took it as just one of the passing morning news until the latter part of the report caught my attention. Forgive me if I am unable to get the details simply because I thought it was just another one of the passing news. Next time I will make sure I have the complete details for you. Not that this is a nationwide event like the Obama inaugural speech. It can be categorized as one of the every day news only that it caught my eye because it includes some sensitive issues. The news is about an event wherein there had been a parade of gays with different costumes and colorful designs. After the parade there was a community service rendered and participated by gays. On the last few sentences, it was mentioned by the anchor lady that the catholic church advised the city to slow down or think twice before engaging in such event, or perhaps habitually performing such event. I know this is a sensitive topic and my intention is merely to express an opinion.

I cant help but to think. If that parade is participated by beautiful ladies or masculine men and the community service had been rendered by those who are “straight”, will the church be standing for the same ground? Does it mean that because a person is gay that he and she can not render community service anymore? Or run a parade anymore? Let us eliminate the parade, just the community service! In my eyes, rendering community work is like a service to people, does it mean that because one is gay that he or she can not render such service? For me, emotions, hurts, joys, love felt by straight people is also felt by gay people. Basically we are the same. If we have gays with bad attitude, we also have straight ladies and men who have bad attitude. If we have discreet and refined straight men and women, we also have discreet and refined gays. The value of a person is not measured of whether we are straight or not but by our character and the decisions we chose to make. We are all equal. Straight or gay!

Don’t get me wrong, my reader. I am not pro-gay! Obviously, I do not dislike gays either. I am neutral. I am even baptized in the Catholic church. It just so happen that we have different views. Catholic views is of course not something that had corresponding fines when we do not follow. Right? It is a free country and people or organization can express our respective opinions. Maybe the church is also expressing an opinion. Its just that I believe that being gay does not make them different from straight people when it comes to feeling, rights, privileges and proper treatment. How we want to be treated is how gays would like to be treated as well! Have a nice day!!

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