Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am back. After a number of weeks, i saw my godson again. His name is Lawrence. He is the only child of my brother. My brother and his wife had been staying in Pasig for weeks now. They will be back in our residence by December. Yesterday was Lawrences' birthday! He is two years old now. He is the youngest member of the family. The youngest among the grandchildren of my father and mother. Since his birth, he had been the source of attention among the family members. His giggle and his smile can take away any tiredness or sadness even. His birthday had been simple. Only the family members were present. Of course that includes my uncle, auntie and cousin. My mom gave food to my uncle and other neighbors as well. Food were over flowing though. I was not able to wait until the gathering was over because of a terrible neck pain. Nonetheless, i was able to see Lawrence and gave him my gift. He looked at me intently and i can see through those innocent eyes. He looked at me and his mom back and forth. Then he smiled at me and said "Thank you, tita". Well, this one is for you Lawrence, Happy Birthday!!

Thanks Richard, for greeting my godson. Thanks too! Leslie, for your comment!! Have a nice day to you, my reader!

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