Monday, November 10, 2008


I once owned a cat. Her name is Muning. Her color is unique. I can say she was stunning. She was only weeks old when she was given to me by my mom. She would climb into my lap and would rub her fur against my skin, as if seeking affection and affirmation from her master. She was very smart and active. I used to talk to her as if i was speaking with another human being and for some reason, there were a lot of occasion when she seemed to have understood what was saying. She was like my little princess until one day she disappeared. She went out and did not return for a number of days. Days came into weeks and weeks turned into months. I thought she will not come home anymore. After a number of months i got a glimpse of her, i thought at first it was not her but then looking closer, i knew she was my Muning. However, things were not the same anymore. It was as if she had become one of the stray cats. She would not come to me anymore. This weekend i was surprised to see her resting outside my room. She was looking at me intently, seemed that she is too weak. I took her and gave her a good meal. It was as if the kitten i knew before came back again. I dont know if this time for good but it is nice to feel again that part of me who used to have a big space for those like Muning. Sometimes, lifes' pressure and responsibility took out some sensibility in us, or in me. It it nice to tap that sensible part of us sometimes. I hope you guys had a nice weekend.

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