Friday, November 21, 2008


We did spoke about Money Matters I on the first few entries of this blog. As per the book of Mr. Cayetano, we spent too much time earning money. Some of us even resort to taking extra jobs or maintain a small business to augment our income. We are making a conscious effort to earn money. The main key is not just earning money but saving, planning and establishing our wealth basing on what you have now. However, to be able to make a mindful planning, we should be able to identify the character and nature of our income. There is the active and the passive income. The active income is our base income. It is where we exert our time, talent and effort. Passive income, however, is the income that we earn without our direct effort. Passive income is investment income. Remember, no one grows younger. We grow older each year. And the older we grow, the weaker we become, the more chances of decreasing our capacity to actively earn income. Passive income will determine our real financial gaol. It is our true wealth because it will determine our financial success or failure.

Source of Info : Wealth Within Your Reach By: Francisco J. Cayetano.
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