Sunday, November 9, 2008


Money had seemed to be the unconscious purpose of every ones' effort. Not necessarily the end point of ones' goal but it somehow serves like a middle-person of every transaction. Like how can you eat without paying or the food you eat? or how can you study if you don't have any money to pay your tuition fee? How about shelter, where can you find your shelter if you dont have money to pay for your rent? In fact, the amount of money that you have will determine how humane or how decent your shelter will become. People struggle to find money. I read this book written by Mr. Colayco and i find it very informative. Most working class beats all odds to earn money but seemed that lesser people consider of working as much harder to keep it. Most workers focus on earning money but statistically very few sit down and really think "how can i handle this money to serve my very purpose?" How can i become financially independent with the amount of income that i have TODAY? For an average earner, this is a challenge. This is a challenge for me, too! But then, reading Mr. Colaycos' book made me really think and re-think my spending habits. It is not easy but the book have a thought to share to everyone working. It is not just our willingness to work in order to earn money that matters, it is also our attitude towards spending our hard earned money.

Sources of Info: Wealth Within Your Reach by Francisco Cayetano

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